Pokemon Victory Fire - 2016

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Latest version- v2.35 Fixed (Completed)

Updated on- August 7 2016

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Name: Pokemon Victory Fire
Hack of: Emerald
Language: English
Creator: 1158
Status: About 100% done


This hack is about a trainer(Iron/Pure) of Tyron Region. Just like all traditional hacks, this trainer will travel all over the region, earn all 8 badges, and the trainer will also meet a evil team called Team Mirage, nobody know what are they doing for, they're just be known as trouble-makers, that's all about them can be known. Everything in Tyron Region seems a bit weird, just like 2 years ago...


  • New region
  • New Tyron-styled Trick House
  • Underground Black Market in Marble City
  • Some Gen 4 and 5 Pokemon
  • Some new tiles


1158, WesleyFG


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