No. 724: Decidueye

I can only imagine how many kids are getting into fights over how to pronounce this name. Dyslexic kid can only cry.

So, Grass/Ghost, huh? Why? Just 'cuz? okay...

I dunno you guys, this one feels sorta Digimon-esque to me. Could see it named Robinmon or Sherwoodmon or something. Also, I've identified something else that just felt "off" about Chesnaught last gen - it's not a reptile thing. All the previous Grass starters have been like dinosaurs or snakes or lizards or whatever, somehow it just doesn't feel right to see a bird up here. And I know everybody and their mother has been inventing Grass-owl starters for years but I've never really been a fan. Not as a starter.

It's a fine design, and I get the theme of feather/arrow/darts. I also get how they're doing another RPG-Job-Class trio, and I just don't know if I really like that either.

I don't hate Decidueye by any means, the design isn't bad, it's just not "Pokemon". I think I need to put him in the same category as Golurk and Bisharp. Get him his own game that's more Fantasy-RPG with animal characters and less collectible-pets.

Overall: 5/10

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