No. 726: Torracat

If you were on the Detroit Lions, would you be pissed about having to play every Thanksgiving? Discuss.

Torracat is just a bigger Litten, and there's nothing wrong with that! Though the outline around his eyes makes him look even more like something outta Hanna-Barbera.

Since I don't really have much else to say, let me just mention how the touch-your-Pokemon feature is a lot better implemented this time around. I didn't bother with it at all in XY, but here, when you can access it immediately after battle and even use it to heal status effects, I use it all the time. You can call me David Cop-a-feel because my hands are all over these Pokemon.

And it's funny how Torracat's little bell collar thingie burns your hand. Attention to detail is nice!

Overall: 6/10

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