No. 727: Incineroar


We continue the theme of unpredictable sub-types. Why isn't the wrestle-cat Fire/Fighting? I guess because he's a Heel, so he's Dark, and Fire/Fighting starters are overdone, but... it's like Decidueye being Grass/Ghost. More of a decision for interesting gameplay, than any sense relating to the design.

And this design is some Tony-the-Tiger-ass shit. The grey chest looks dumb, and there's something "off" about the entire face. And as badass as the flaming belt sounds, in practice it doesn't really work. Flaming shoulders would've been cool as hell, or how about a FLAMING MANE ON YOUR TIGER POKEMON JESUS CHRIST GAMEFREAK IS IT SO HARD

Speaking of wrasslin', the theme job here is half-assed. Sure, he learns a Lariat, but then he does a big goofy Zangief lariat that's more like a cyclone maneuver. And his Z-move is called Moonsault, but it's more like a 450 Splash. (I do like the trainer doing the YES fingers tho) Throat Chop is cool, but redundant when Darkest Lariat exists. And they missed an opportunity not giving him an ability where he powers up when you switch him in for an ally who was at low health. Hell, call it Hot Tag, that even works with the Fire typing. Gamefreak, call me. I'm doing your damn job for you over here.

I'm giving this guy a low score mainly for being so much wasted potential, and also for being a roody-poo candy ass jabroni. And that's the bottom line, 'cuz NAPACE said so.

Overall: 3/10

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