No. 728: Popplio

brought to you by Sculpey

Popplio looks like he would be extremely easy to make out of clay, is what I'm saying. His limbs, ears, and nose all look like there's no way they could have grown organically, someone had to stick 'em on there. And it's not even Will Vinton or Laika here, I'm talking some Gumby shit. I'm talking some Morph-tier half-assed claymation, the kind where you can see the fingerprints all over everything and the characters just glide around instead of walk properly because animation is hard.

And also I think his nose looks like a party had that he's wearing down over his mouth, instead of on his head. I didn't choose him, taking Litten instead, and Hau decided he'd rather take the elemental disadvantage and go with Rowlet than pick Popplio, and I don't blame him.

Overall: 2/10

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