Pokemon Moon First Thoughts Vol. 2

Finished off Melemele, completed the first trial on Alaka, and am now ready to go into that volcano park.

-I still am not a fan of taking control away from me every area to give a little cut-scene, I just want to be left alone to wander and figure stuff out.

-but this game is funny, though! Team Skull is a hoot, Lillie keeps getting lost, and professor Kukui is like Ric Flair meets Randy Savage.

-caught some new Pokemon:
Ponyo the Wishiwashi
Orchid the Fomantis
Sooki the Mudbray
Exxon the Grimer
ACDC the Grubbin
(and a bunch of ones from past games, just out of habit)

-I love how they've replaced HMs with these partner Pokemon. Good riddance to HM slaves. Also, did they turn down the encounter rate while surfing, too?

-Accidentally went into that Fantasy Festival Plaza thing. I had no goddamn clue what was going on, people just kept asking me questions I couldn't possibly know the answer to, confetti everywhere, it's my responsibility, Cinderella's castle in the background, fat Greek kid shouting at me, people running back and forth rearranging folding chairs until somebody gets hurt, it was like a David Lynch film. I'm never going back.

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