Pokemon Moon First Thoughts Vol. 3

Beat the second Kahuna, now I'm about to go fly to the Aether HQ to probably have them lie to my faces and tell me that they aren't secretly evil. Because Lillie was totally helping Nebby escape in the opening, and because the only people who wear all-white are yakuza or Klansmen.

-Can we talk about how saturated with Best Girls this game is? I mean, Gamefreak has always been on the leading edge of waifu technology, but I just went through that section where Plumeria, Lillie, Burnet, and Olivia come up to you in quick succession and dang.

-It didn't hurt that I'm playing the female avatar, either. I thought her little hat was too cute to pass up, and I'm having some fun dressing up and stuff. But I wish we could use any of the clothes options the NPC trainers get, that would be cool.

-Not many new additions to the squad, just Sizzle the Salandit and Skullomania the Cubone. The latter of which ran roughshod over the fire trial, one-hitting everything. I've heard people say Totem Salazzle was a hard fight, but I mean... Bonemerang. I wasn't even overleveled.

-Totem Lurantis made up for it, though. I still won, but I was getting pissed from all its Synthesis bullshit. And then its Trumbeak tagalong spamming supersonic, yeesh.

-Have I mentioned how good the music is in this game yet? I could listen to Konikoni Town's theme all day.

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