Pokemon Moon First Thoughts vol. 4

Finished out Akala, and did the Electric trial in Ula'ula.

-I was playing with Exp Share on, because I was catching a bunch of dudes and swapping them out all the time, but now that my team is solidifying I turned it off, for a better difficulty curve. It's not really "hard", because the NPCs still only use 1 or 2 Pokemon, but it doesn't feel like a cakewalk either.

-Papaya evolved into Toucannon, and is definitely the MVP of my team right now. But that might just be because he's the only one who's fully evolved...

-I want to see Guzma and Kukui in a Hell in a Cell match. NOW.

-Aether doesn't appear evil, but Lusamine made a creepy face and wants to mommy everything. Also, it's funny that Pokemon has now made both animal-rights activists and conversationalists into its villains. Next they'll go after orphanages or something.

-Z-Moves aren't as busted as I was expecting, but I still think they're kinda unnecessary. The animations are actually fun to watch, but it's the posing and redundant textboxes beforehand that slow it down for me.

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