No. 735: Gumshoos


But, Gumshoos has no relation. He's supposed to be like a detective, hence the name. I think the hair is supposed to look like a cap? And the weird fur is supposed to look like the lapels of an overcoat?

I don't know, it's all very weird and feels like they're trying to reference some specific fictional detective, but all the ones I know either wear fedoras, or Sherlock Holmes hats. None of this stupid driver cap bullshit. Maybe I'm just missing the reference? The most famous detective in Japanese culture I thought was Inspector Zenigata, characterized by the coat yes, but also a fedora and enormous cleft chin.

All in all, Gumshoos feels like an awkward joke that lingers in the air and everyone just has to chuckle as if they thought it was funny so nobody's feelings get hurt but at the same time don't want to encourage more jokes like that in the future.

Overall: 1/10

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