No. 738: Vikavolt

Vic Viper, I see you. Parodius is still best Gradius.

So, that is a massively cool head+jaws. Aside from the Gradius reference, it looks like a railgun, and also like it could cut the crap out of some trees just flying past, like Kuwagamon in that first Digimon episode.

After that, eh it's a kind of generic beetle body, with weird-ass semi-circular wings. Or is it just one singular wing? Hard to tell. I usually like my pokemon with more mobility, but for a flying death-cannon-chainsaw, it's acceptable.

What is unacceptable is that you have to wait all the way until the very-near-endgame to evolve it. You get the damn thing route 1, it evolves at 20 and starts to pull its weight, then drops off a cliff when everything else in your party starts evolving around 30-36, and it's still stuck as a Charjabug through all 6 trials and the Aether shenanigans. Now, I get the idea of spacing out a Pokemon's evolutions so that it doesn't come too early - look at the pseudo-legendaries that take until 50 usually to reach their final stage, or how some late-game Pokemon in Black & White evolve around 40. But that's because those pseudos are so damn strong it's worth the wait, and those late-game Pokemon come to you at level 38 and junk.

Vikavolt is cool, but he's absolutely not worth the wait. I hate the "evolve at a location" evolutions on principal because they're so ridiculously contrived and arbitrary (Leafeon is a mid-game Pokemon and Glaceon is late-game according to Alola) and why can't it just be levels? If you didn't want me to use Vikavolt until I was around level 45 in my party, just friggin' say so.

Oh, and it's even slower than Charjabug, which did not even have legs, so actually the idea of it flying around cutting down trees is unrealistic. What a mess. It's still got a badass front end, but I can't get how frustrating everything else about it is out of my head.

Overall: 6/10

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