No. 739: Crabrawler

I coulda been a contender. I could've been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am.

I'm a fan of crab Pokemon, and Crabrawler brings me closer to that dream of an all-crustacean time. It breaks the mold and isn't Water-type either, which is good and fine. If we can have Fire turtles and Ground crocodiles, I think it's okay to have Fighting crabs. I like how it uses its claws as blunt instruments to punch things instead of grip them, that's a new take. And the hair looks like a yankee's pompadour.

Not sure I like the half-closed eye, though - I understand it's meant to look like a beat-up boxer, but is Crabrawler just thrashed at all times? It can't go through a day without getting into a fight and having a big ol' shiner opened up on his head? That's kind of hardcore.

But let me take another opportunity to talk about what could've been:

An artist's rendering of a potential Gen-1 Crabrawler. It's not perfect, and I think the point here isn't that the design concept is wrong, but rather it looks simplistic, as if constructed out of basic primaries in Maya. The end result is a Pokemon that look plastic, manufactured, and fake.

Crabrawler still rocks, but I dunno you guys. This is the last alt-art I have, so I'll probably stop bringing it up, but now that it's in my head I can't stop seeing a lot of these new Pokemon as smoothed-out, toy versions of real Pokemon.

Overall: 8/10

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