No. 740: Crabominable

Silver and gold, silver and gold~

So like with Vikavolt, it's just straight-up bullshit how late you get Crabominable. Except it's even worse, because by that time you've only got the Elite 4 left.

That aside, he's still got issues. derpy face, Bartholomew Kuma hands, general style stolen from the Bumble, and a random piss-yellow patch of fur on the top of his head. He looks like a flailing idiot and I wouldn't add this crap to my team on any occasion, especially not in the final hour.

I want to like the concept of a yeti crab, and Ice/Fighting hasn't been seen before, but he's too ugly and I resent him too much for coming so late in the game.

Overall: 3/10

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