No. 741: Oricorio

What, no Gangnam Style?

Oricorio comes in 4 different flavors to trade and collect. Each one has mediocre stats and gets one STAB move that comes at level 40, so good luck until then!

First up is the Cherry Flavor, always my go-to, unless Blue Raspberry is on board. I don't think Blue Raspberries exist in real life, but the Candy Man thought the world should taste good, and I thank him for it. Anyway, this one is based on flamenco, which is kinda cool I guess. I like how the wings look like the sashes on the dresses! She's got rhythm in her soul, passion in her heart, and fire in her eyes.

Baile Style: 7/10

Lemon is god-tier in sodas, but hit or miss when it comes to candy. Banana is an awful flavor in all cases except a natural banana itself. Oh damn, maybe it's pineapple? That would be good. Unfortunately, I don't think cheerleading is a kind of a dance, so I'm gonna have to dock points. But I get the high-energy connection with Electric typing.

Pom-Pom Style: 6/10

Peach is another favorite, when you get a red and a pink starburst in a pack you know you're gonna have a good day. And you know there's gotta be a hula Pokemon in the Hawaiian region. I kinda think it could've been its own thing, though? Instead of wrapped up in another gimmick? And why wasn't Belossom invited? Anyway, Pink Ranger here has some weirdness going on with those feather tips, they're barely hanging on.

Pa'u Style: 6/10
Grape sucks. There's a reason you never see grape ice cream. This bird doesn't suck though, once again we're connecting the wings to the dress elements, in this case kimono sleeves, with the tips forming fans. Obviously, this one is tailor-made for Valerie from Kalos, even though it's not a Fairy-type.The extra feathers by the eyes are a neat touch.

Sensu Style: 7/10

Altogether, it's a fine gimmick Pokemon that doesn't get in the way of itself. Really, they could've just made 4 distinct Pokemon, but at least you can swap their flavors back and forth if you want. All of the designs are at least decent, the only problem is that once again I feel like I'm looking at the background cast of the next Rio movie instead of Pokemon. They look too much like unique cartoon characters to get higher marks, even though the designs are pretty nice, especially the color schemes.

Overall: 7/10

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