No. 743: Ribombee

The Bee Movie but every time they say Bee you have to play through the first 2 hours of Pokemon Sun

This bee is wearing a scarf and I think that's just dandy. The little shaping of the limbs gives them life, instead of looking like they dangle helplessly, and those Garfield whiskers serve as "eyelashes" nicely.

Or at least I always assumed they were whiskers. You know, the three strands of hair sticking out of either side of Garfield's head? They're actually fairly close to the ears, well above his cheeks, but what else could they be? Antennae?

Anyway, Ribombee works fine. It shares plenty of design features with its predecessor, but upgrades almost all of them to indicate growth. I do think it ought to have a third stage, though, something majestic to make me actually want to raise it. But for just being a cute dingus, it does okay.

Overall: 6/10

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