No. 745: Lycanroc

For those about to roc

We got us another two-former - nicest guy you'll ever meet by day, TWISTED FUCKING PSYCHOPATH by night. Except also broken up between game versions, which is a little odd. If you're only gonna get one form anyway in Sun, why restrict the evolution timing?

We'll start with the Midday form, which reminds me of Tiger from Monster Rancher. Remember that shit? If the kids who preferred Digimon were like the kids who preferred WCW, then the ones who liked Monster Rancher were the ECW fans. Also, the main villain was named Moo? Am I remembering that right, or did I just make that up? It all seems like a dream, now.

What were we talking about again oh right, Lycanrock is a regular wolf that is allowed to be pure Rock-type but I'm a lot less impressed with that today than I was with Rockruff.

Midday Form: 5/10

Imagine my surprise at discovering Midnight form is still just Rock type, no Dark subtype at all. Furthermore, the only other differences is that it's slightly bulkier, significantly slower, has some insignificant movepool changes, and slightly better abilities. Unless it's got Keen Eye, which they both share. Kind of a waste to not make them more distinct, huh? Especially with how radically different they look.

I kinda like how his arms just hang long there, and glowing eyes are fun. But, I have to dock him for accidentally sticking his hair into some ink or something, it wasn't cool on Starraptor and it's not cool now. You're trying too hard to be dark-n-edgy, and you aren't even Dark-type. Knock it off.

Midnight form: 5/10

One is boring, the other has some highs and lows that cancel each other out, the result is a split-evolution Pokemon without a strong reason to pick either side. I don't want to evolve Rockruff at all, you can catch the opposite form in each game anyway rendering the whole thing pointless, it's just lame. Lycanroc isn't even worth the sum of its parts.

Overall: 4/10

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