No. 750: Mudsdale

Reminding anybody else of Troy Polamalu?

At least its feet don't look like they're melting, instead it appears to have put on those Flashdance leg warmers. I think the concept is that it's been stompin' a Steve Austin-sized mudhole in someone's chest, but they really look like loose socks.

Silly boy also got his hair and tail in the orange paint, and somehow just the tip of his mohawk? Or maybe whoever's in charge of washing him did a lazy job?

But at the end of the day, Mudsdale is like one of those Budweiser horses, the kind you see all the time at the superbowl, pulling sleighs full of puppies to the barn to drink beer or whatever. It's all very patriotic. And I'm nothing if not a patriot! please don't deport me

Overall: USA/10

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