No. 751: Dewpider

Do the Dew.

Dewpider is what happens when good men do nothing. Somebody said, "what if there was a water-bubble spider, that's a thing, right?" and then left the room before anybody could ask any questions.

Now, I admit that the argument over whether your standard government-issue Spider has 6 or 8 legs is as in-the-air as whether or not cartoon characters should have 3 or 4 fingers, but I don't think anybody would claim they have just three legs. Can we all agree on that?

And no, I don't count those things up top as "legs", holding the bubble in place. They aren't situated right, they're something else. It's also stupid whenever anything has a "bubble" of water, because bubbles are caused by air held within a thin layer. If you try and make a bubble of water you just get water all over the damn floor, unless you're in outer space. What it really makes me think of is the technology those Gungans had.

anyway, the Diving Bell Spider (which they were clearly thinking of) lives underwater with a bubble of air. Not water, because it can't freaking breath water, so it keeps a bubble of air. Like you do. Dewpider (stupid name by the way, something a 4 year old might come up with) is as ass-backwards as an astronaut who keeps the vacuum of space inside his helmet.

And finally, it's majorly cross-eyed despite the enormous eyes, but also kinda looks like it has one pupil shared between them, like Duskull? Cool on a ghost, massively disconcerting on a spider.

Overall: 1/10

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