1000th Post

I know it wasn't that many posts ago I made a big deal out of my 900th post, but that was a while ago in real time, and made when it wasn't clear if the blog would even be continuing any time soon.

"How can you have hit 1000", I hear some smartass jackoff saying somewhere. Well, I may have only reviewed seven-hundred-and-change Pokemon, but when you factor in my posts about the gym leaders, elite four, generational and type round-ups, plus other miscellaneous posts (like this one!) that all adds up.

Anyway, that's a solid grand! a G! 1k! Twice five-hundreds! It's a bunch!!

A big thank-you to all the loyal NAPACE readers, and even a thank-you to all the unfaithful fair-weather readers who honestly couldn't give a shit and just want me to hurry up and get back to the Pokemon reviews. Hell, I'll be generous and thank any hypothetical new readers who are only reading this as they archive binge! I'm sure you're all talented and attractive people with excellent taste in the internet blogs you follow!

Things ought to continue at about the same rate until I finish off Gen 7. I'm drawing it out on purpose, because I have no idea what to do after that.

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