No. 745: Morelull

moar lulz

Despite looking like a child's night-light mixed with those awful bean sprouts they sometimes try and slip into stir-fried rice, Morelull is okay. It wouldn't be out of place in a Paper Mario game.

The biggest problem is its "feet" are just a single stalk with three prongs. It looks like the least stable thing in the world, my cat would knock this bitch down in a flash. Slam the door, BOOM down it goes. Morelull looks like the Pokemon version of the one kid who always gets picked on at school.

Because aside from that, it's okay. Morelull differentiates itself from Shroomish and Foongus by choosing to be tall instead of squat, and the "glowing mushroom" angle is fresh. Just give it legs that don't look like Iggy Koopa's hair and we can raise it above mediocre.

Overall: 5/10

Or, you could turn it upside down and lose the 'shrooms, and now we have some Grass/Ghost sprout. Though looking at it again, maybe it's ice cream with a palm tree on top? Whatever the case, I'm naming it Lullmore.

Lullmore: 7/10

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