No. 752: Araquanid

Coincidentally, I just got the Spider-man Revoltech figure I ordered in the mail today.

I'm pretty sure I've fought these guys in Pikmin games. Yeah, you have to send them to climb up the legs and destroy the joints, or just throw blue ones at the head, right? Maybe I'm thinking of something else.

Wait, now I remember where I've seen this guy! It's one of those LEGO Insectoid things, you know? From the late 90's?

in any case, Araquanid makes immediate improvements from its predecessor by daring to look like an actual goddamn spider, and by having a sick name. Its eyes are a lot less ambiguous, too, which I appreciate. But it's still a blur of conflicting design elements, with a ton of visual noise. Remove the bubbles, and it's still a gangly ass mess.

Overall: 3/10

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