No. 753: Fomantis

So how bout that local sports team?

Fomantis can barely move, it just wobbles along and waves its flippers in some semblance of life. A clear case of "we've got a neat idea for a Pokemon, now we just have to invent its prevolution", there's just not much to say here. It hardly looks like anything all on its own, it only makes sense as the obligatory stepping stone in the path towards Lurantis.

I will say I like the eyes, they got dat Eevee sparkle that brings all the boys to the yard, but that's about it. I guess the color scheme is refreshingly minty? Honestly, Fomantis looks like the head of a much larger, cooler monster - with green mandibles and a pink tongue or whatever. It's too poorly-conceived for me to see it as much more than that.

Overall: 3/10

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