No. 754: Lurantis

I broke up with my ex-girl. Here's her number.

PSYKE. It's the wrong number

well actually, no, it's still the right number. I'm talking about the point of looking-like-a-bug-but-actually-I'm-a-grass. It's cute, but unlike Sudowoodo, who banks on idiots trying to light him on fire so he can bury them in rubble, 2 of Bug's weaknesses are shared with Grass. KO this thing with a Fire or Flying move every time you see it, and you may never realize it's true typing. And that's easy to do, too, thanks to its terrible speed.

[tangent alert]
two near-constant themes among Gen 7 Pokemon are their relatively low speed stats, and their low encounter rates. It's almost as if they tried to hide them away, and then when you get them, make them too slow to be useful anyway. I can sort of understand actively avoiding power creep, and if new mons end up weak then so be it, but why squirrel them away while throwing older-gen Pokemon in your face? Shouldn't it be the opposite? Get the new ones out and visible, while old classics are available to those who want to search for them?
[tangent over]

Lurantis has a pretty sweet design, though. It's a tad busy, but I can't love the idea of a shy bug wearing striped bell-bottoms. How is that not adorable? Also, I want to eat its hands. They look like some succulent-ass crab legs to me, which I think is an unintended mixup. Your mimicry doesn't work if it still makes me want to eat you, Lurantis!

Overall: 6/10

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