No. 760: Bewear

Scarier than any Heffalump or Woozle.

Its mouth is still displaced, as the animations show, but you can at least ignore it more or less. And attaching the ears to that white band helps keep the face looking in better proportion to the head than with Stufful. So improvements across the board!

Also, Bewear is huge. Dude could play center in the NBA. That's 300 pounds and nearly 7 feet of bear. You might think Bewear is one of those cuddly-huggy types like Totoro, but its the opposite. It'll snap you in half as soon as look at you.

Am I giving it a good score because I honestly think it has a solid design? Sure. Am I giving it a good score because I'm afraid if I don't, Bewear will come to my house and choke-slam everything I own into a fine paste? Sure.

Overall: 8/10

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