No. 762: Steenee

Ye best start believin' in Waifu-mon lines, Ms. Steenee. You're in one.

So we ignored it with Bounsweet, but this is an all-female gendered line. And now it's got twin-tails, a feature that as far as I can tell only appears in anime, usually on tsunderes. Hell, it even has eyelashes, the international cartoon shorthand for "am girl", so I think we can definitively say that this is another one of Gamefreak's blatant attempts at attracting the skeevier members of the Pokemon fandom.

Or maybe I'm being too hard on poor little Steenee - she's got a good visual weight going on, the head and leaves are balanced by the "dress", which is positioned just low enough that the feet read like the needle of a top, implying perfect balance. Also she just has the cutest widdle animations in the Feel Up Your Pokemon mode (or whatever it's called).

You know, I'm willing to call this one a mulligan. Maybe it's just all innocent fun.

Overall: 8/10

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