No. 764: Comfey

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Whew, finally back to just a regular Pokemon, without all the baggage the last few lines seemed to have.

It's another Fairy that is composed of literal flowers, but isn't part Grass, so that's kinda dumb. It's also essentially another "living object" Pokemon. I'm not as universally down on these as some people are, but something about Comfey bugs me. Not as badly as Klefki, but it's in that ballpark.

Just seems so artificial - if you're gonna make a lei Pokemon, couldn't you have put a lei ON a Pokemon? Or maybe do it like Exeggcute and each flower is alive, maybe with a creepy eyeball in the center? Or maybe forget about the lei, and just do something with the plumeria flower itself? Wait, now that I think of it, why isn't there a Bird-of-Paradise Pokemon? It's so damn obvious! Also, why the hell ain't there no Bellossm in Alola!? The goddamn hula dancing Pokemon??? Now I'm mad.

Comfey is better than Klefki, but in there end these single-stage hoop-shaped idiots still rub me the wrong way.

Overall: 2/10

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