No. 765: Oranguru

Dr. Zaius, Dr. Zaius!

We've got plenty of simian Pokemon already, but somehow Oranguru avoids treading on familiar ground. My main quibble is that the weird lines on the purple bits seem out of place. I think it's supposed to be like matted hair with strands of red or orange in it, but I'd rather they actually take the capabilities of 3D into account and just make a texture that glints in the light and stuff, I dunno. But I really like the design, I just wish that it had a fully evolutionary line instead of being trapped as a single-stage. There's a lot of single-stagers this gen, it feels.

But we gotta talk about that Zhuge Liang fan. Keepin himself cool and looking like a boss at the same time. I think he uses it because his big ol' brain gets so overheated during his epic chess matches with Slowking.

Speaking of, did you know that Oranguru and Slowking are known to match wits? They bring their gargantuan intellects to bear on each other like two super-heavy dreadnoughts, firing mental salvos in the world's greatest battle of the minds. Their ponderous brains groan and strain like twin John Henrys steel-driving their way through the mountain of their opponent's minds, and their intellectual stratagems are as overpowering and inscrutable to mere mortals as a descending boot is to an ant. The great thinkers of the past return as ugly ghosts - Einstein, Aristotle, Galileo, Newton - they all sit around like stupid children in the presence of such sheer brilliance. But, just as the empires of man must all eventually come to an end, so too does this contest, and the Oranguru and Slowking retreat to their respective abodes. Any spectators, if they hadn't been rendered blind, deaf, and mute by the display of brainpower, would surely break into a standing ovation for these two colossi of gray matter.

Overall: 8/10

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