No. 766: Passimian

If the Washington Redskins really get forced to change their name, I think it should be the Washington Lemurs. has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

Okay, so I've secretly wanted Football-inspired Pokemon for a while now, but I'd rather get a line that goes RB to LB to QB or something, or maybe branching paths or something, than just a single dude. But!

Passimian looks cool, easily the most brolic lemur I've ever seen. Zaboomafoo ain't got shit on this guy. I'll quibble with the little details, though - the mark on the helmet is unecessary, and while I understand the shoulder markings are meant to emulate a jersey, they just look like randy food bits. Like it was eating some nice bamboo and then dropped some on its shoulders. (Lemurs eat bamboo, right?) I would've just gone with a while diamond or star or something. But aside from that, I love everything about Passimian.

Also got a neat ability, though it only becomes relevant in 2v2 battles. Which reminds me, it would've been nice to be able to call out a second Pokemon when the wild Pokemon calls for help. Even the odds, y'know?

Overall: 9/10

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