No. 767: Wimpod

we all got that one friend who is outta there the second trouble happens

Let's just get this out of the way first - Wimpod sucks. He sucks in a major way. Bailing just because things got rough? Bitch move. I don't like it when my Pokemon shuffle themselves around without my say so. I wanted you in the fight, so STAY THERE. No, don't come running scared to mommy. Mommy can't help you now, this is real life.

But the design is okay. Actually, it looks like Wimpod would do far more damage running into opponents, thing has a razorblade mustache on the front. That somehow curls up around its eyes from both sides don't worry about it

Actually, you know what? Wimpod looks like a sharp, metal pineapple, lying on its side. Pineapples are great, so I'm gonna give it points for that. A shame about the quitter attitude.

Overall: 5/10

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