No. 768: Golisopod

Be careful who you make fun of in middle school.

Golisopod is a lot of visual over-stimulation. It's got more pans in the fire than Gordon Ramsey, juggling a dozen design elements. The hunch, the claws, the samurai armor, the extra arms, the purple stuff, the up-turned flanges, etc. But somehow, it makes it all work. Almost.

It reminds me of Enkidu, from TTGL, or at least the Revoltech figure version. And that's a good thing! Muted colors avoid it looking like Garchomp, and the lower body has the sense to just look moderately cool and then stay outta the way. I think the problem is those flanges, and the extra arms - pick one, and drop the other. There's just a little too much going on, pointing in every direction.

But can we talk about how great it is, that they re-branded the ability from being a wimpy coward to a strategic retreat? Same exact effect, but Golisopod makes it seem smart. First Impression, its signature move, is a big part of that. See, normally the big bug is slower than slow, but it learns a bunch of first-attack moves. The goal is to come out, hit with First Impression or whatever, then get hit in return and bounce back to exchange for a fresh 'mon. And when he switches in again, he can use First Impression again! It's a neat strategy that makes you use it in a totally different way than a regular beatstick, and that's cool. Compare/contrast with Wishiwashi, who simply becomes a liability at low health and forces you to switch, as if you wouldn't already. Not nearly as interesting.

Fun to use, and a design that's almost perfect, it's no wonder why ya boy Guzma rolls with this homie.

Overall: 9/10

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