No. 769: Sandygast

and so we go carefully forward in this way
watch out for the sandcastles they will get in your way
sometimes there is a roof over your head you do not know
where does the future go but forward

Haunted sand? I'm down. That's all I needed to hear. I've always been a lowkey fan of the slime monsters, so having a sandy cousin to Grimer is welcome. I really like how the mouth goes all the way through, it reminds me of that one Secret in Super Mario Sunshine in Gelato Beach. Which I was stuck on for like a month because of those freaking crumbling sand blocks.

Okay, before I get mad, let's focus on the positives again. Sandygast is neat! Fun typing and movepool. Only thing I'd change would be the shovel - it seems kinda dumb that EVERY Sandygast somehow gets a shovel stuck in its head. Unless it's one of those things where the shovel is the true body, and the sand is just the stuff accumulated and manipulated by it?

...NAH, that would be too lame and confusing for a Pokemon game. I'm sure no Pokemon will ever use a similar conceit. *foreboding music plays*

Overall: 9/10

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