No. 770: Palossand

Oh tell me why, do we build castles in the sky? oh tell me why, are the castles way up high?

Man, I just love this guy. Big droopy fortress sand-trap spook. The towers acting like hands is a neat touch, and I love how the little shovel spins. Another example of a good Pokemon made great by strong animations.

It's also neat to run something with high Physical defense, but high Special Attack. You don't see those paired that often, it seems. I kinda wish the Water Compaction ability nullified the damage as well, or affected both Defensive stats, but maybe that would be too good.

It reminds me of making sand castles on the beach and then stomping on them, except Palossand is the one who does the stomping now, sending phantom regiments out on sortie from its garrison, and discharging volleys of spectral cannon fire from the turrets. Then it drags you down and curses you for eternity or something. NOW DO YOU FEEL SORRY FOR STOMPING ON ALL THOSE SAND CASTLES

Overall: 10/10

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