No. 772: Type: Null

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I'm not playing that new Digimon game, am I? Is this really being passed off as a Pokemon? Sure, it's essentially treated like a legendary in terms of the story, where it was the result of experiments (similar to Mewtwo), but even so - this monster mash on chicken legs is not at all what I expected from Alola.

It seems almost redundant to point out how silly it looks to have armadillo plates, a Zora tail, some insect-like forearm, a chicken's crest, and some dang ass UFO helmet all stuck on top of I guess a dog's body. Because they set out to create a garbage pile of random parts, and succeeded! Well done! Why'd you do it?

That's not to say a conglomeration of parts can't look good, but Type: Null (oh how I hate that name) certainly doesn't. The strangest helmet in the world is partially to blame, it has so much higher concentration of detail than anything else it draws the eye, and then only afterwards you realize that this thing has a million dull, washed out colors. It's looking like the DC Cinematic Universe reboot of some other, more colorful, less angsty Pokemon. (which it kinda is, but we'll get to that later)

I'm tempted to give it a Score: Null, but it ain't THAT awful. Just regular awful.

Overall: 2/10

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