No. 773: Silvally

It's a well-known anime fact that dramatically removing a helmet or mask increases your power tenfold.

Why wasn't this just a form? Or Mega-Evolution? Dude just removed some headgear, that's it. And the chicken head underneath looks actually kinda cool, until you realize he's got cat ears thrown in for good measure, and a dozen other superfluous details. btw that metal visor? Digimon as heck.

Also, was the "can be any time" gimmick really so awesome they had to do it twice? Like yeah Arceus cool cool I get it whatever. But we done that, so why are we doing it again? Silvally is practically a Legendary anyway, he's just a shitty Arceus.

Sorry, dude. I'm more interested in what the hell Pokemon you took those grasshopper ass lookin' legs from, than whatever monster mash you've got going on. But at least you ditched the headgear.

Overall: 3/10

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