No. 775: Komala

"Man was born tired, and lives to rest." - Montenegrin proverb

The first question I got is how come his flesh hanging out of his ears. You see how it's clearly in front like that? That's the inner skin part of the ear, it shouldn't be puffy and out like that. Shit is messed up, go see a doctor.

Secondarily, that's a weird-ass log. It looks like a cartoon pillow log, instead of an actual piece of wood. Pokemon who always have items are kinda weird to think about, but if it just clings to some log that makes more sense than having a log toy. Is he on some Twin Peaks shit, Log Komalady? Wouldn't that make he a she? I don't have the answers.

Instead, I just have more questions. In the un-used walking/running animations (check 'em out, some are pretty cool, and I'd love for Pokemon following to get brought back, no idea why they had to scrap it when they did all of them) Komala moves almost as if the log is leading the koala... draw your own conclusions.

Actually, don't do that. This is my blog, so I get to make the conclusions around here. Komala pretty much sucks, I don't want a Pokemon that lives in a never-coma and may or may not actually be a log. At least Snorlax wakes the fuck up once in a while.

Overall: 3/10

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