No. 777: Togedemaru

! J A C K P O T !

Well, I wish. But instead we've got the obligatory Pikachu imitator. At this point, I don't even know why they're trying. This one is so close to being its own thing, too! Which just makes it sad that they had to tack on the electric cheek pouches and lightning-bolt-shaped tail, because maybe someone's grandma will mistake it for Pikachu at the Toys R Us? Maybe that's the angle they're going for?

Even ignoring those connections, Togedemaru isn't that great anyway. I know the little triangles stand up and become spikes, but I sort of wish this hedgehog Pokemon looked more prickly. Or had an evolution that upped the spike factor? Or did anything aside from look like one of those Squishables stuffed animals.

Overall: 3/10

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