No. 778: Mimikyu

the only fault with this one is that it's not named Pikaboo.

So first off, let's get one thing straight - if I see anybody bullying Mimikyu, there's gonna be a problem. do NOT bully this adorable little guy. I'm dead serious.

With that out of the way, I love how meta Mimikyu is. It's jealous of Pikachu's popularity, which is apparently as omnipresent in Poke-world as it is in real life, but also serves as a satire of the Pika-clones we see every generation. Which really makes Togedemaru damn pointless, huh? Just stop it already, Gamefreak. You've got the period at the end of your sentence, now. We can be done with adding new electric rodents every gen.

So the design is fun and clever, but the ability is also neat. Like with Minior, it makes you use the Pokemon in a different way than normal. The ability to absorb that first hit gives it great versatility - use it to power up with Swords Dance or Z-Splash (I usually never take the time for these, but Mimikyu lets me get one off for free), or tack on some damage for free before switching out next turn, or maybe fight it out with Mimikyu's surprisingly solid stats.

It looks cute, but Mimikyu is a goddamn terror that will feed you your own face if you underestimate it. You've been warned.

Overall: 10/10

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