No. 779: Bruxish

say it with me now - humu-humu-nuku-nuku-apu-a'a

I gotta give this one props for being so aggressively garish. Other Pokemon accidentally back into it, but Bruxish saw the warning signs and just plowed right through them, driving off the cliff like the end of Thelma & Louise. The whole thing looks like some sort of vaporwave-inspired snorkeling nightmare.

And you know what? "vaporwave-inspired snorkeling nightmare" just so happens to be my middle name. I love this big biggedy bitch. Tropical fish are supposed to be crazy-go-nuts! I dig the way it can hurt you both ways - big-ass chompers, or a magical psychic flower. And I can't get enough of that sassy 'tude.

one final note - whenever I seen a humu fish, I'm always struck by an intense desire to fry it whole and eat it like a steak. Yeah I know there's bones and guts and stuff in there, but they just look like little patties of meat to me. So am I saying I want to eat Bruxish?

maybe ~

Overall: 10/10

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