No. 780: Drampa

What the hell does Normal/Dragon even mean, really?

I'm kinda tired of things picking up Normal as a sub-type, but then I don't like the concept of Normal as a type existing at all. I've ranted about it in the past, go find that. Now it's the time to roast this geriatric bitch.

Go back to Wind Waker, you claymation bastard. Those eyes display no signs of life, and I know somebody just rolled up little bits for your hair and eyebrows. Looking unbalanced af, like he'll fall over if he wasn't gripping the ground in front of him with full strength. Where's the rest of the body? He's got arms hidden under that feather-fluff, but not nearly enough junk in the trunk to balance it out.

I can only imagine what the design process was for Drampa:
"okay we need just 1 more Pokemon to fit the quota"
"but we've done everything"
"c'monnnnnn just 1 more"
"okay...... what about...... a dragon? that's an old man? sorry dude I'm tapped"
"that's horrible, but it's late as hell. Sure, write it down. Tell the modelers to make it look like it was made out of Sculpee, I don't give a shit."

Overall: 1/10

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