No. 781: Dhelmise

Dead men tell no tales...

Here's a riddle - why do I love Honedge, but not care for this guy at all? They're both inanimate-object-mons, that hardly look like anything more than their object. It's not like Vanilluxe, who's a pile of snow on top of some icicles, resembling (but not literally) an ice cream cone. No, with these boys, they're straight up a sword/anchor, that's possessed by a ghost.

So I can't really knock it on concept, I guess it just seems too busy? If it was just an anchor, or just the steering wheel, I think I'd like it more? Another thing that pisses me off is when they try and go "no its totally a face look see" but it hella does NOT look like a face. I see one eye, maybe, and then a pattern that people tell me should resemble jack-o-lantern teeth, but I can't see it. I can see faces in chairs, cars, and electrical outlets, but somehow not this pile of flotsam and jetsam.

Oh wait - the Pokemon is just the seaweed the whole time, and it's carrying around the anchor and wheel? So any resemblance to a face is entirely coincidental anyway? Wow, now I don't have to feel bad about disliking Dhelmise anymore. the way it sneaks in Steel-type STAB is nice tho, ain't even gonna front

Overall: 3/10

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