No. 783: Hakamo-o

If you've never actually got to see a haka performed live, I recommend it. It is terrifying.

ugg I don't like those shoulder nobules. They look like scales that haven't finished forming yet, which is kinda gross. Same with the stuff on his chest, just make it golden like the rest!

That aside, I'm lovin' Hakamo-o. Reminds me of the more saurian Gen 1 Pokemon, especially with those eyes and that snout. Also, he picks up the coveted Fighting sub-type, which almost never fails to make me like a Pokemon more.

And check this sly dog - he grew his awkward heart-shaped headplate into... a toenail? Eh, nice attempt, but I'd still clown him for it. Or at least I would, until I saw him uppercut a dude's head off his body. I'd probably give it a rest after that.

Overall: 9/10

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