Pokemon Altered Emerald

Pokemon Altered Emerald
Name: Pokemon Altered Emerald
Remake From: Pokemon Emerald
Remake by: Luuma

Pokemon Altered Emerald: a complete overhaul to Hoenn and its Pokémon!

New hacks often try to look as modern as possible and include shedloads of fresh new pokémon. This one does its best to feel like gen 3!

-All routes have been remodeled, and 5 new ones have been added including a canyon, a spooky house, and a mine.
-the first 386 pokémon are available
-Fly to routes, reuse both tms and move tutors, delete most hms, use the updated repels and fishing systems, get all the secret base items, enjoy few storyline rewrites too
-Dizzy Egg's emerald battle engine: all moves, types, items, capture xp, and abilities up to gen 6 are in game, though some are unavailable. Some of the balance changes in later gens have been reverted because I wanted leech life and Bullet Seed in early. A lot of new items are absent although the interesting ones do show their faces. The only fairy types in the entire game are the clefairy line.
-all pokémon have been changed in some way, all evolution lines have fresh ass new level up sets,
-There are more moves and abilities than I can really fit in to one place, so most pokémon are cool as hell.
-we're talking

ghost/grass horror tank parasect with spore and nightmare; Spinda with Dancer and every "Dance" move in the game; fire/steel Torkoal with 170 base defense; Grass/Fight Grovyle and Sceptile with Defiant Forest Curse, Mat Block, Low Sweep, and Sacred Sword; Levitate Electrode as the only thing that learns Electro Ball; Porygon/Porygon2 that changes from one to the other every level; Water/Bug masquerain with sweet veil or intimidate, coupled with rock solid defenses; Ariados with a learnset based round toxic thread, baneful bunker, venom drench, and venoshock and access to electroweb and psychic fangs; Beedrill with Merciless and 40 (x2) base power Twineedle with 40% (or rather 64%) chance to poison; Psychic Surge Stantler with Horn Leech and a 90 power Psychic move (Constellate) that restores 100% of the damage it deals; Innards Out Poliwag line (and drizzle for politoed of course); Victory Star Starmie with Laser Focus and Prismatic Laser; Soul Heart Luvdisc; Pixilate/intimidate Snubbull (available on route 101); Reckless Tauros with Head Charge; tentacool line with Tangling Hair (renamed to tangle) or water bubble, Grass/Dragon Tropius, Moody Sunkern with seed bomb by lv19 and if that doesn't sound overpowered you're absolutely correct, when it gets weather ball, synthesis and solarbeam, and evolves to gain the ability drought we'll see who's complaining frankly; hoppip line without offensive moves til it's jumpluff but with stunning support ones all along, and also symbiosis->Prankster (or Chlorophyll); Gligar with gliscor's base stats and nuts coverage but almost solely special moves until around lv30, Sand Stream Spiky Shield Shore Up Sandslash (that's nearly alliteration); Queenly Majesty Nidoqueen and King's Shield Nidoking and more.

-balance is good I think, every dog seems to have its day!
There's a pastebin of all moveset, ability and base stat changes that comes in the zip file.
-New moves! Armor Break, Constellate, Puff Up, Time Warp, Factory Waste, Electroplate, - and more!
-New TMs!

TM05 Aromatherapy (verdanturf battle tent), TM21 Spikes (route 113), TM28 Mud Bomb (south of route 106), TM36 Thunder Wave (wattson), TM45 Gravity (Pa'I canyon, try retracing every warp you have in the puzzle)

New move tutors!

flower guard (route 117), Swords Dance (route 123) Revel Dance (victory Road), Roar and echoed voice (route 114), Zap Cannon (the new mine route ) Stored Power (Sootopolis) Copycat (lavaridge), Metronome (still Fallarbor), Reflect Type (Mossdeep), Dream Eater/Psych Up/Trick/Icy Wind/Foul Play/endeavor/Elemental Punches (Battle frontier tutor) Volt Switch (New Mauville), Will-O-Wisp (Mt. Pyre peak), Substitute (lilycove still), Drain Punch (Mossdeep from Route 126) Rollout (Mauville still), Swagger (aaaaaaaaaaaaaa), Sleep Talk (Fortree), Trick Room (spooky house), Sticky Web (Verdanturf), Wish (Forest rapids left of route 118) and the secret one time only tutor (Battle Frontier).

Ice is immune to Water. Patch to revert this included.


Moves are the same as they were in generation 3, and are physical/special based off how they were in gen 4, unless stated otherwise.

---Trap moves have power increased---
Bind/ wrap now 40 power
Wrap now 40 power, poison type
Fire Spin/Sand tomb/Clamp now 55 power

100% accurate moves have their power increased to 70
Shadow Punch now pierces Protect.

---Multi hit moves have their power increased---
Spike Cannon now 25 power, Water type
Barrage 20 power, Psychic type
Fury Attack now 20 power, Flying type
Fury swipes now 20 power
Comet punch now 15 power/100 accuracy/10pp, steel type,
Bullet Seed now 15/100/20
Arm Thrust still 15 power

Hyper beam/Blast Burn/Frenzy Plant/Hydro Cannon now 170 power
Blast Burn/Frenzy Plant/Hydro Cannon now 100% accuracy

---A load of new "damage and effect" moves. Shield dust is super good---
Lick now 25 power, 70 acc, always paralyzes
Smog now 25 power, 70 acc, always poisons
Water Pulse now 25 power, 100 acc, always confuses
Sheer Cold now 25 power, 70 acc, Special attack, always freezes
Constrict now 25/100/20 Grass Type, 100% chance to lower target's speed
Rock Smash now 40 power, 100% chance to lower target's defense
Flash now 40 power, electric type, 100 acc, 100% chance to lower target's accuracy
Mega Punch now 60/100/10, 100% chance to raise user's Attack
Steel Wing now 70/100/25, 100% chance to raise defense, no longer a TM
Fissure now 60/100/5, special attack, always burns
Horn drill now 80/100/5, Physical attack, 100% chance to raise user's defense

---HMs are now at least decent, and each have a niche somewhere---
Much as I understand that weak moves are not bad for the game, forcing the player to use them means they have less fun. HMs should be at least usable when they are obtained
Cut now Bug Type, 60 power
Fly now 80 power.
Strength now Steel type, 70 power, 10% chance to raise user's defense
Rock Smash now 40 power, 100% chance to lower target's defense
Dive now 90 power
Waterfall now 50 power, raises speed 1 stage
Flash now 40 power, electric type, 100 acc, 100% chance to lower target's accuracy


Tackle now 50 power, recoils like take down
Tail whip now 10 power
Pay Day now 60 power
Horn drill now 80/100/5, always raises defense
Egg bomb now Special, 80 accuracy, 30% chance to burn
Dizzy Punch will soon be 40% chance to confuse
Splash now attacks the user, has 20 power
Tri attack now 60 power, 60% chance to inflict one of three additional effects.
sketch now has 5 pp
Snore now has 90 power
Boomburst has 125 power
False Swipe now 60 power
Uproar now 70 power
Spit Up now 140 power per stockpile, up to maximum 420 which is quite good
Smellingsalt now 70 power, Special rather than Physical.
Crush Claw now 75 power
Weather ball now 55 power (110 in weather)
New move unique to ursaring that drastically raises attack
also Puff Up, drastically raises Sp.Atk

-----Some normal type moves have their type changed-----
Vicegrip now Steel type
Razor Wind now 130 power, will be Flying Type soon
Skull Bash now 130 power, dark type
Explosion now Fire type
Conversion/Conversion2 now Steel type
some more as listed above

Poison Sting now 25 power
Poison fang now 55 power, 50% chance to badly poison
Poison Tail now 75 power
Cross Poison now 100 power, 90 acc
Smog now 25 power, 70 acc, always poisons
Super Spitup, is 200 power spit up clone, poison type.
Factory waste is 50/90/20 Tri attack but 100% chance to inflict status.

Twineedle now 40 power, 40% chance to poison per hit
Leech life now 30 power
Fury Cutter now 20 power
Silver wind now 80 power
Toxic Thread lowers speed 2 stages rather than just 1

Rolling Kick now 70 power, higher flinch chance
Triple Kick now has 12 power (84 power up from 60)
Submission now 95 power
Reversal now Special rather than Physical
Revenge now Special rather than Physical
Rock Smash now 40 power, 100% chance to lower target's defense
Shell Break, 35/-/10, user attacks itself. Has a 100% chance to raise all stats once.

Rock Slide now 95% accurate.
Ancientpower now 20% chance to raise all stats

Earthquake will be 5 pp soon
Fissure now 60/100/10, special attack, always burns the target.
Mud Bomb now 55/85/10
Sand Tomb now 55 power, Special rather than Physical
Sandblaster, 110/70/10 special move with x2 power in sand

Lick now 25 power, 70 acc, always paralyzes
Fade, raises Evasion and Speed one stage.

Tm48 Iron Wind now 60/100/25 special move, 100% chance to lower SP.ATK
Metallurgy, 85 power, removes user's Rock typing.
Shield slam, 70 power but calculates off user's defense stat instead of its attack stat
Iron tail 85 acc

Wing attack will be 35 power and hit twice soon
Drill Peck now 85 power
Sky attack now 140 power, 50% chance to flinch
Disarm, 60/100/10, flying type, always lowers the target's Attack

Disable now 100 accuracy
Extrasensory now physical
Magic coat now steals all special attacking moves instead of its old effect.
Constellate, 90 power, restores 100% of damage dealt
Time Warp, 70 power special Sky Drop

Bubblebeam now 30% chance to lower target's speed
Bubble now 30 power
Octazooka now 100% chance to lower target's accuracy
Hydro Pump now 110 power
Hydro Cannon now 170 power, 100 acc
Water Pulse now 25 power, 100 acc, always confuses
Meltdown, 130 power, 5pp, removes the user's Ice typing

Needle Arm now 70 power, 455 chance to flinch.
Forest Curse now changes the target's type to grass only rather than adding grass to it
Rototiller now raises atk, def and sdef
Flower Guard now raises def and speed
Trop Kick now 75 power

Shell trap now instead behaves like Focus Punch, Special

Overload, 50 power, Physical, 100% chance to lower Defense 2 stages
Electroplate adds Steel type to target a la Trick Or Treat
Cable Whip deals 25 damage 5 times in a row, physical, 100% accurate, good vs allied lightningrod users.
Jolt, 50 power 100% accurate priority move.

Sheer Cold now 25 power, 70 acc, Special, always freezes
Frost Nova, 70 power priority move that hits all foes, same effect as False Swipe but neat in a hailstorm

Thief now 60 power
Snatch now steals all non-attacking moves instead
Throat chop has no effect
Plunder, 25 power move with effect of Incinerate
Power Proc deals 5 damage to the USER 2-5 times. Activates abilities. learned by Ledian (rattled), Camerupt (stamina), Arcanine (Justified) and Omastar (Weak Armor)

Mate, it's like everyone got an alolan form over here
Torkoal is now fire/steel type, Base stats now 70/75/170/75/65/20, learns metal claw at lv23, heat wave at lv30, rock slide at lv43. fissure at lv46
Hariyama stats now 154/70/60/100/58/50, learns Belly Drum at lv4, sand tomb (75 BP, special) at lv 22, Revenge (now special) at lv24, Future Sight at lv 51, Reversal at lv55 (now special). Learns Feint Pulse (75 power, special), Psychic, and Calm Mind by TM
Corsola stats now 75/65/115/65/115/25, Spike Cannon now Water type, physical. Learns Disarm (60 BP, Flying, lowers attack) by TM
Rapidash now normal/fire type, base attack now 105, Ponyta evolves at lv37 now, learns Fire Spin at lv14, Flame Wheel at lv 25, Tail Whip at lv 29 (10 power), Take Down at lv 33, Fury Attack at lv 37 (22BP, Flying), Blaze Kick at lv 48, Bounce at lv 59.
Spinda now has 110 base sp.atk and sp.def. Learns Psych Up at lv 5, Hypnosis at lv 9, Feint Attack at lv 14, Dizzy Punch at lv 18, Uproar at lv 23, Psybeam at lv 26, every move named "dance" in the game from level 30 until level 36, Encore at lv 39, Boomburst at lv 42, and Reversal at lv 50
And 380 or so more

Many level up evolutions now occur earlier than normal.
Many pokemon have different typings:

charizard, venomoth and gyarados are dragons now rather than flying (or poison),
parasect is grass/ghost because the bug d i e d,
butterfree's also bug/psychic
Some mons got normal typing to give them some more stab moves, and to make ghosts less beefy
Nidoranf, nidoranm, nidorino, and nidorina are now poison/normal
Rapidash line is now fire/normal
Goldeen/Seaking are water/normal
ninetales is fire/psychic
Golduck is water/ghost type,
kingler got steel type, idk, it just did
muk is poison/dark and is special attack oriented (been like this since before gen 7 smh, nintendo stole my idea tbqh),
Kangaskhan's now normal/fighting
Seadra is water/dragon just like kingdra
Electabuzz/Magmar both got fighting type

Meganium is grass/ground
Hoothoot line is psy/fly
Ledian is bug/elec
girafarig is dark/psychic now,
Dunsparce is normal/ground now
granbull is normal/steel type

swellow is fight/flying,
masquerain's water/bug
volbeat's bug/elec and illumise is bug/psychic,
torkoal's fire/steel type
nosepass is rock/elec
Swablu's pure flying type,
Bagon's dragon/fire, shelgon's dragon/rock,
cacturne's grass/ghost,
Tropius is grass/dragon as the legends foretold
absol is dark/normal,
banette is ghost/normal (this type combo is busted),
chimecho is psychic/ghost

Earliest locations of key evolutionary items:

Moon Stone - Route 111, with Itemfinder (no HMs needed)
Water Stone - Route 114 (no HMs needed)
Leaf Stone - Route 115 (coming down from entrance to Meteor Falls, no HMs needed)
Thunderstone - Pa'i Canyon, east off of the desert in route 111, only Go-goggles needed
Fire Stone - Fiery path like usual (Strength)

Other evolution changes:


Vulpix -> Ninetales @lv33
Shroomish ->Breloom @lv30

Caterpie -> Metapod @lv8 -> Butterfree @lv12
Weedle -> Kakuna@lv8 -> Beedrill@lv12

Poliwhirl -> Politoed at level 37 in rain

Kadabra -> Alakazam @lv36
Machoke -> Machamp when happiness is maxed
Geodude-> Graveler @lv20 -> Golem @lv30

Slowbro -> Slowking @ lv37 if atk > def,
-> Slowbro if atk Haunter@lv30 -> Gengar at PM when happiness is maxed

Onix ->Steelix @lv39

Seadra -> Kingdra @lv42

Scyther -> Scizor @lv39

Eevee -> Umbreon with Moon stone
Eevee -> Espeon with the Sun stone
vaporeon/flareon/espeon/jolteon/umbreon -> Each other with their respective stones

Porygon -> Porygon2 @lv22
Porygon2 -> Porygon @lv23
Porygon -> Porygon2 @lv24
Porygon2 -> Porygon @lv25

Tyrogue -> Hitmonthings @lv25 (hitmonthings are very strong now)

Treecko/Torchic/Mudkip -> @lv20

Wurmple -> Silcoon @lv6 if atk >/= def, ->Beautifly @lv12
Wurmple -> Cascoon if atk < def, -> Dustox @lv12

Feebas -> Milotic when either beauty or happiness is maxed

Clamperl -> Gorebyss when happiness is maxed (AM)
Clamperl -> Huntail when happiness is maxed (PM)

A really small number of items and TMs (like 10) are in different spots.

Secret stuff

The second bike is located on route 129, on an island to the east. I'm sure you can find it, even though the itemfinder's not picking it up!

Tickets in Mt. Pyre (Ho-oh/lugia), Birch's Lab (Deoxys), Granite Cave (mew), and rt 119 (with cut, lati@s). A guy in slateport makes em work.
You get suicune off steven in mossdeep for beating the champion, rather than beldum, which is in the wild.
i think I removed entei and raikou from some secret new pokemon. I'm really sorry to the fans.
moltres, zapdos and articuno are gifts for beating the HOENN dex (the one with only the 200 basic forms or starter evolutions)
mew breeds with ditto, making mewtwo
Celebi is on rt 104 in a little grove, lv30
!ERROR in VICTORY ROAD: Warp outside of map. This is not a bug, it's actually Bird/Normal.Screenshot:
Pokemon Altered Emerald

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