colosseum bookcase

colosseum bookcase

welcome to meeples on meeples episode two. a podcast that we talk about all things board game related. i'm adam, i'm andrew, i'm brian, and i'm ian. monitor i'm brian unni if you follow our web site are peacefulpage works with her account you know what i think this week was revivedstatements sabbatical clandestinely suffer thepilot kind of random set up those little hexagon visas and your goal is to play securecharacters are people's under and try to escape from the islands of certain game

if i was blue at one one there greeleyville everybody solely because of the island with their pieces that you randomlydistributed about and as one he pull for every single and states and thenafterwards as we put the bosnia i now your turn uh... you can move three things so if iwas the screen dot the one too

they have another movement of the voteif i wanted to atm of another and i which removemissile dried trial behind innocent and that's what it wascuba britain was enough to start with the beaches on the outside they do thedishes on the inside and enforce comments that lasted about pieces wordswas the so then i'll take one of these off and whoever says the buses playimmediately i place a whale right there

they're starting to place i might sayputting your hand you can use it later to avoid a sharp et cetera but you do whatever's on your head for the endof that anybody else c waiting in if you must and they said they trusted pieces offthe islands where the chorus safely in what was trying to swim over mybrilliant of us is that the end of your turn teeth trial and validated masa di kisses i want to move away o or c sir

four-star whatever's on the board role everyone in the eastern monsters startwithout on the word self uh... bc must remove one space he whalescan move i'd leave the reviews these sentence you events inmoscow is that really means you must get into aspace with universal or personal destroying everything in that state's ofthis book to be or upheavals on it illustrated book handles the the sandalsdistort the whales in the first few uh... will be not nominee s_r_-seventy however

uh... away l one capsized boats indestructible but the people who find his wellstone people uh... than the sharkingonly someone if they're in the waters of the sort of come into the space exits at all that's why don't they make one comment knock it over with the whale haha i dida study by the charges on your left open water and one of the benefits knockingpeople uh... uh... over the willis once

your in the water you people move onespace at the time because your blankets tired after moving up one states makes it harder for them to make it from may nine to one of the sat are not important that's pretty much everything basin are we'd i think he had a fewthings worked out by uh... in and strategy for united replys priestsent when itself

digimon both once a woman on welfareadolescence i was absolutely part of the same time because everybody turnedagainst the uh... because they that's what they do of what i'm doing uh... from i said it isat least my my dream people obviously schools that into a bowl and first place for my big numbers andthen i place them arthur's joycelyn numbers i kinda alonso data from thebottom pieces on every wanted six yet of the higher the number of the worldand if the bureau first yours for your

points up with that being said i was replaced by higher numbers rightmakes the most quickly later on first term i was jumping that needsto those and also that moving away from shore so i have a big numbers outburst uh... seems as if the first group of people first once youget off the are the first to make us more successfully to be on status foryour points seems like as basically

who hits the fan uh... within the organising sinking ofthe at once and everybody's jumping at least joke about the on everybody'sblowing and work hard working to inflate gave you need a lot more peter or tippedover your guys dial up at six oh as you can just make those first nations hemoves to get your point about more about yourown speeds and do a lot better is inflated sent you an earthquake irelandwales more charts and so with them roaming around the water ishard to get your characters from the main islands to the sciences hopefullyextra nationals began you right away but

that one two three spots investing willbe enough there's no starts to contend withinterests just see monsters and is only one and offer their two spots on the bagcastle one protests and also must become oncethe soldiers had easier dust and debris strategy tried somethingsecond game mister hostels comic characters have to give uh... so it's not you financing strategyin it wrong people out there and they've

been are spirit work it's just more of our system is going tohave somebody or interest road basement in his defense he still most beat me hehad half yet said isn't necessarily a bad since he is anumbers game theory six and somebody else streamlines sits up more more characters the entertainment one game i thought you know what rightaway at myself six guided by then right next to each other

and that way if that will meet in and atthat point and and and students working outside the problem is what the hell sixty-mile straddling the first vote togo as your five pages six and there uh... i was forgets and that's when i went after youcan hit adult add baghdad dream is not innocent in all other everything he sayshe takes here places they books get all the other people so uh... within a fewterms we are premature i'm reminds them wasn't so frequently yeah at gretaactually sunken boat he was fond of dust

because friends on the boat to unanimousexplains how come around to the skinhead finally this matter is that anybody readiness hospital appointed himto rule them out and if you have the same number characters in the same number close ofpeople can control votes however if you have a majority of theboat uh... geographic irreverent ah...figured of the interim beloved films already canactually will yeah sure

all the parties stratosphere casinohotline they could be something that haven'tguessed part of my strategy is and all that that is not going to let thispolicy because he has to go as often and so i could have offers a phrase thatopen for a while and i don't think everything is probably uh... souter and that too was an intenseheat monsters appointments trapped under a massive accelerated atwork since he does on other people's boasted and what i said you could seesignificant factors early on the game again for the slow months is out therehow could one guy on a couple roads in

his words within the atlantic connectedto the but yeltsin is extremely hard things were points as soon as you make it to the the otherislands you can get uh... viewpoints red and the one thingto students when u report i wanted to do something on thebottom of it which this morning news day three states score resign it's a new york place of procurementsharks things like that

that's how it features compile like thisone puts her career so if you want boats that's the thing is to get them fortheir way quicker and poetry contributed some order to getto you mister tropical fruit stereo also every game is over at the cardiac lindamountains in the last thing the saint petersburg and has a volcano on it and what you hear us and destroys uh... atlantis whatever yeah

and that's the end of the game was not safely and outside uh... does not speak on points undulyperilously perspective people of the month of first including market in thelast one nancy complete with your retirement andadministrator who has a so i think there's still a separate people stillleft on the islands or on whatever there was a great people that news came over and another distracted cyberpornquintiles you can call them even if

there is another person on so abettedstrategy is to go around the other colors important enough money because if you get the sound were unsuredrops in that space you personal both textbooks are for therecord that's that's uh... that's that's eagleton but but processor and another title testing lover standard uphold quality because it's everything from some reallynice colorful

warm to what the tiles migrants young children their differentfitness does it's wanted to be to think for the beaches and then before so it's a little bit thicker toshow that there are no behind it was safe enough said and then you got the relief at least forthe mountains and you have a different

elevations president which is awesome good art work every state simple to read on the backside now that he's making a commitment to a park were too simple it is a littleguy i love the fact that it's all pieces that you can pull it looks aroundthe masako cool will start to talk about your three-d_pieces cargo yeppers if you look at the numberssuch issues peace does have a number on

the bottom one three six and on telepresence are pretty easy to read butat lapd numbers and we put them on the adore movies like this it's almost impossible someone so the color out responds responds witha number isn't accurate on some of these pieces these actuallypieces that you might be stands now this is working with the team are expansion that anti-deficit playfullyand plastic

it's quite city part archive and and these pieces were there speakingwith the game active ah... young man once under contract with america darksize differences chief inspector unidad it's over summer accepted here it there there it was tied to therecently our machine they need to be the exact same size uh... if you reallywanted to try no placed g_t_ kids that maybe the differences in sizesplease that but uh... if demonstrate is your week anextension

how are you have to stick it myself butit was trying to do it but it's a long time previous occasions we've got to tell youhe said he was resistant excluded it took me about that if you would like toadd another extension that uh... specimens for your points they kept itup and they're too expensive federal programs because except for play late filers six players like box alcohols anytime symbols and every otherclasses and working for precise for

places the pieces anticipating that you can basically fourplayers enter the actress is ruth's opposite expectancy enter six blocks forfinancial emergency fiscal discipline goofy shapes but it's kind of course waswell worth it for fourteen dollars and time working also acutely foothills yes these or wildlife of one somethingwith and gingrich's republicans what creed sold but pantyhose and and promptly that's all it is supporting ourstarted says that for for have and

themselves one thousand flippin awesomeseparate crisp incinerators about peoples kinda locked in place which is very nice there's three slots is definitivedistract so and one of the issues we do come up withthis game and it may be just as you know we have but uh... won't look at the same movingvotes and dealing with people's on boats d boats can occupier more than one broke and i haven't seenspace

when we're planning on the issues wecame up with this does that mean a boot camp moved to thestates where the bookcase does that mean you can't stop being a mess in space and his website is if you stand with youand i stopped that space it's okay it's actually put a lot ofmoney that was ok because rush limbaugh that guys i mean is that number greenery usually well there are anyheadway a lecture or some sort of masters to student explorer because i don'tremember it below it balance

if you're here bulgarians masters hereit is only two states the ellen's well if you have no you know i mean videos are here we hadto go through them to get to that because we don't feel that way and ahalf hour the field related to greet no more than one told me not to pay seespace at a time acting he play is it and that will really interestabsolutely recently you can't move the station bullets up as the senate andconstable houseboat to skew really

and he said that you couldn't do thesame has a special thanks to chat about the cash for rewriting robot and uh... in the uk don't you i love yet in of quickly people here i mean i think i i was the rules ofentry pretty straightforward for it reset everything as far as these pieces their cancers

which then have correspondents missionin the pool book so if you know what the picture is colored it once you knowexactly at what you do that these people at all it's not some convoluted you know explanation orrules to go along with well cloud cover over and heard it and ten message let me knowuh... he love his value you'd like to find out about ally fivebible and uh... wrong victories detergent won both games analyticalsense props so that's that's set up sub-zero people's articles that you have

on britain if you had a chromatograph don't anotheroperates i guess she needs once more intensive wire easton where we stand atthe end of the gap between the two of them whole oblivion wanted ten oneabsolutely tier one point five ten days and buy it because the people said so toothednipples yes domaintools vehicles so does serve their country repeat but not yourself uh... plaintiffs are on the planet

of pieces of it just minutes it's not frankly squareplate needed to be well these your state it's nineteen strong uh... their concernhere there's a lot of fun to seek an attackon the players and you can you know who wants at a price they want to putsomething somebody as the sixth of that right on out images prisons valuable means you musthave acted now export five did sixty minutes that's

so it's not the role of the antithesispiperlime right and i don't think that we've ever been in over sixty matsonsays proudly proclaim sit-down it's pretty simple or the and you don't say probably over time maybe so i didn't seven i really enjoy it habit or whether it was a obsceneresistivity militants components everything strongly were pieces self andreached bottom

uh... those are things really wellconstructed ansafone play i think the better thingsbut there was that you can play with a wide ranging from hotels puberty repletewith kids and it's not easy for them can follow along in and played it pretty well uh... and it'sanother one marie eggplant request for dinner and group quickly took a lot andhave a lot of fun with it so when we need a kind of feel their gamesyou know it into a bit quit playing but we don't have time for you know it isreality something you can't go out and and andhe said the opportunities we've got more

than two games that i can only happenkeys once pressure members to work as the jewelry c_s_i_s_ yahooshe's got two weeks ago tubes outside l andy uh... because in place quickly i can't imagine so easy and kids flee family problem but some of these hearings are not theworst him break out some of those begins atten house or or at the center of some of

those huge invisible process and that astounded shields and all these piecesof this cardboard police care disarmament if you get a chance to dies uh... i hate to scare people and i thinki could probably print this out uh... with roses has been a lot of idon't think you need to scare weakened explain probably neglects final and hedid not accept immediate visa super simple yet so anonymity for simplicity sake and forthe fact that uh...

you know actually for the bass you have a national closingsent via bumping up to me because i have expansion for classes because there's always fightmust regain sone extensions of must buy in my opinion but i got to decide the if you have thatthey week surging to its knees toured withworking parks was reprinted a five-person statement secular but and expansion facts said

uh... me i'd sincerely has rebuffed aidswon twice and i i was really doing came symbol of beauty courtney general backtaxes on the t_v_ and i can even corporals two days inoffice you know it and of course cultural of the without its written a few aldoaiello eight points firebird about nine even if it willpurchase because it is just it's fallen plates was rolling three times asbecause it is there's a lot you know there's less moving it's not sotopics and there's a lot of people poor

talking across but between players andthe gang-infested uh... and anytime that is rejecting himcommitting suicide uh... is also a sneak preview uh... care website mister he's tonight however because the imagesfrom the war or do you want to die for trying to use the same self-styled so you care about and in the senate wasinvolved in all around the world satellite internet we'll let you knowfor a while for a long time a big chest and in nineteen eighty eight and is thatwe were you need to make sure you know

where the last person just move becauseif you miss that was that economy don't have to feel some reports in withmy ex and an example that is if you're not paying attention wanted peace treaty you're pretty good to know where yournumbers word if you don't catch that is that it was rejected with minnesotastate complies with the bank and looking at address three sixty five-year-oldland mines or does it get your behind offers because the new yorkthrillers and for some people thought you mightwant to the middle

was his my six-foot-five latin united anydeficit builder for work voted three to into cubes had sevenidentified racecar performing decide area for pocket uh... as there is that's how it looks asthough thinks it's successful game overall this joining us this week youcheck back next week will be reviewed flashpoints offer a rescue uh... another brady notdot nic dot sanderson located

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