gba roms android pokemon

gba roms android pokemon

what is up youtube, slick here and i'm back toshow you how to trade between two devices using the my boy gameboyemulator app, since i've been getting a lot of requests to show you guys how to do it. nowthere's three things you need to do to make sure that this process worksperfectly number one make sure that you're usingthe my boy emulator app and i'm not sure if it has to be full orlight version but if i ever find the apk file of thefull version,

i'll put the link in the descriptionbelow so you guys can download it number two. make sure that you or yourfriend have the same version of my boy and has to beabove version 1.5 'cause 1.5 is when they added the tradingfeature number three. make sure the saved filethat you have okay so the saved file gonna get this afile so whatever save file you're using thetrade, make sure that it wasn't saved when this box was checked over here cuz then if you try to tradeit would say bios settings do not match,

so make sure to save father use wasn'tsaved when this box checked. with all that stuff out of theway, let's get started. so the first thing todo is link both devices so need to go to menu and then link we melt now you or yourfriend one if you have to take one of theseparts and then that not gonna show you how to do it on the wifi option because that's reallyinconvenient and bluetooth we don't always have my fight

some showing you how to do it on detailsso you or your friend have to pick bluetooth ever and the other do as your friend has topay bluetooth client and for this device i'll be taking a bit with client if you're ifyou haven't already turned on the bluetooth you'll be asked to turn it on so yes andyou do the same process on your friends device actually this is my device in this mysisters device

so gonna do that gotta link another but this time i'll be pickingsever since this devices those with client to this oneare used to sever hey turn on the bluetooth yes turning 22 if on and now with the way for incomingconnection now if you have been paired devices using go to if you'll be asked to dothat on

if you haven't east you should make thisdiscoverable and tap on scan on devices on your otherfriends thing so that you guys can link but since i've already pared the devicea good just on tap on mind i'm not that type on my device and thenit should connect their i'm gonna go to my save file here boots now they have both on devices connected that's all youreally need to do now all you have to do is go to thepokemon center

and then go upstairs and embedded the check with those trading things tradecenter saved save to prove to you that thisworks so video it see oh yeah who ever picks a bluetooth surveyor will be the if match and youhave the gameboy and you would be the player one likethis site does a that cable that says play one you wouldbe that if you pick little sever said that's howyou doing guys

hope you like the video if you liked itenjoyed it please share and subscribe because thatwould be greatly appreciated also i don't have a cool intro so fun ifyou can make one for me though d great value really awesome i'm onceagain thanks for watching my video a like commentsubscribe shared google plus do whatever you want peace out

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