gba roms android

gba roms android

every so often, evolution takes a different route and pokemon insurgence has definitely done that. although it may not be an official pokemon game, it’s been able to showcase its beautiful gameplay against gamefreak’s latest release, omega ruby and alpha sapphire. what really makes pokemon insurgence stand out is the feature rich content that fans adore from previous pokemon games. it’s an aggregation of several years worth of features, all of which are changed and updated! so, what makes pokemon insurgence so damn appealing? well firstly, it’s a game made by fans for fans! so it’s only right that we add all of our favourite things from the previous games. such as mega evolutions, customisations, pokemon following you in the overworld map and secret bases

features that would previously only be available to you if you had access to 3 separate pokemon games. the features are just as just as wild as the storyline. the story is darker than your average pokemon game and is set in the torrent region a region plagued by cults at war, vying for supremacy and control of the region. the augur, the hero of the people, is the only one who fights against the cults. however, one year ago, he mysteriously disappeared and now a new augur has taken his place. unfortunately, the second augur seems to rely on propoganda and underhanded tactics to ensure his leadership of the region. in the present, the plans of the different cults are coming together. can one kid stop a dark king with misplaced ideals, and a brainwashed army?

in pokemon insurgence, you are taken into a new world. you can explore a world full of pokemon, with features from your favorite pokemon games and strategic difficulty instead of your typical level grind difficulty. you can play with friends and complete your entire pokedex in a single game. so, whether you’re an avid fan or someone who’s looking for something a bit different, this game is sure to hold your attention. this is supercharged pokemon as you’ve never seen it before! if you want anymore information about the game, i’ll leave it all in the description and yeah, enjoy!

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