gear pokémon

gear pokémon

- the holiday releasesare not stopping right now 'cause we've got anotherlimited edition system that just came out, that we'regonna unbox for you guys. and it's this pokeball 2ds. ♫ to catch them is my real test ♫ to train them is my call so what's kinda interesting about this, is that the new pokemongame isn't even out yet, it's actually coming out next friday.

so i guess nintendo justcouldn't wait for people to start grabbin' these. here it is now, so let'sopen it up, check it out. we have, of course, the arcards that are still shipping. every time. we have our pokeball, let's open it up. did i just say pokeball? it's pokeball, what am i doing? that's awful, forgive me, guys.

forgive me. oh. it's actually really shiny. this is actually reallyfunny, because if you guys watched my other unboxing video yesterday, i talked about how thatcall of duty system had the mixture of gloss and matte, and i didn't really care for it. this is doing that too,

but in a way that i actually really like. so the black finish all here,is this glossy reflective, while the main body withthe white and red is matte, which actually gives a nice,kinda just outline to it and lets the main pokeballdesign really pop out. i actually really like that. so this is different, too. so most 2ds', the inside is still like, a plain black, matte finish.

not here, we actually havered for the main body. still black around the screen, but this is definitely a muchdifferent-looking design, compared to the other2ds' we've seen so far. yeah, really diggin' thatblack and red aesthetic on the inside. - [group] who's that pokemon? it's--- austin evans. - [austin] hey guys, this is austin.

- this is the latest ina very, very long line of special edition pokemon-themed systems that nintendo has knocked out, because pokemon being oneof their biggest franchises, makes a lot of sense thatthey're just gonna pump out as many different specialeditions as they can. and i gotta say, of all theones they've done so far, this one's actually one of my favorites, for one very important reason.

it manages to be a pokemon-themed system that isn't one of two things. one, it isn't based on a specific game. we don't have legendariesfor a certain game on it or anything like that. it's not tied to aspecific pokemon to where, once you find out youhate that one, too bad. and two, it is not pikachu. there is so much pikachu onevery special edition before.

i love that this one'sactually just a unique design that celebrates pokemon, but isn't tied to anything super specific. that being said, this is actually one of two special edition2ds' that are coming out. this one is the only one thatwe are getting in the us, meanwhile in japan, they'regetting another one that is, you guessed it, pikachu-themed. but that being said,

it's actually a reallycool-looking pikachu theme, because it's his face, but like this one, it's actually kinda groovedout to where you actually have, like, the contour of his nose. which is unbelievably cute. while this isn't comingout on the same day as a pokemon game, it istime for pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon to becoming out a week from now. okay, made another mistake here, guys.

the game is coming out on the 17th, which is two weeks fromthe special edition system, not one week. resuming the video. now, this is one of those .5 updates, where we're not seeing, like, a whole new roster of a pokemon added, but it's an update to sun and moon. it's adding new forms,

a couple new pokemon designs, and some really rad, new features. the most recent that they've announced is that every single villain from all the other pokemongames is coming back for you to battle, whichis a really cool thing, if you've been a long-timefan of the series. so, there we have thepokeball 2ds unboxing. if you guys wanna check this thing out,

i'm gonna link downbelow in the description, and i will see you guys later.

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