pokemon blue gba

pokemon blue gba

hey guys, this is austin and today i’m herewith a tutorial on how to replace the battery in a game boy or gameboy color game. game boy games use volatile memory for saving yourgame which require a battery for power. this works fine for a long timehowever most game boy games are over 10 years old now and the internalbatteries have died causing you to lose any saved data and the abilityto save your games. luckily it’s an easy fix that should only take youa few minutes to get your game working again. you will need a few thingsto get started. to do it properly you’ll need a 3.8mm security bitand driver, a soldering iron,

a tabbed cr2025 battery along with some freshsolder. some desoldering wick is also helpful in removing the old solder.there are ways to cut a few corners but if you spend a little money it’smuch easier and quicker, especially for fixing multiple games so i’llhave links to all the items i used in the description of this video. tostart, grab your game and flip it over. using a driver with the security bitunscrew the single screw on the back and set it somewhere safe. now slidethe front half of the cartridge towards you and then lift it up and set itaside. then gently lift the board out of the casing. now grab your solderingiron, place it on it’s stand and

plug it into the outlet. it will take a fewminutes to heat up so be patient. you also need to be very careful, solderingirons get extremely hot and will easily burn if knocked or used carelessly.wearing gloves and eye protection probably isn’t a bad idea, as is workingon a hard flat surface like a workbench and being in a well ventilated area.what you’re going to do is desolder the two connections holding the batteryto the board. if you have any desoldering wick use a small amount overthe solder and place the flat of the iron on top. depending on the qualityof your iron it may take a minute but once the existing solder is melted dothe same for the other side and then

remove the old battery, using your iron toloosen any remaining solder as needed. now take your new battery and align the tabsas you see here which should be the same way the old battery came out. grab asmall bit of fresh solder and hold your iron over it until it melts over the contact.while i’m sure a lot of you can do a better job at soldering than i did, theimportant thing is to make sure you get enough solder to completely cover the contactso the battery doesn’t go anywhere. once one side is done, just do the same onthe other and you’re good to go. by now the board is likely very hot so unplugyour iron and let both cool for a few minutes. then just slide the board into thecartridge and screw it back together.

give your game a shot and enjoy being ableto save again. if you enjoyed definitely be sure to leave this video a thumbs up andif you’re interested in more videos like this be sure to subscribe!

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