pokemon colosseum

pokemon colosseum

hello guys! what's up? it's the underdog2020 here, and i'm bringing you an all-time new hunt, one-of-a-kindkind of thing for my 10k subscriber special. as you can see here i've gotpokemon colosseum on in the background and i am determined to get myself ashiny in this game. there's a lot of rumors going around that it's notpossible to get a shiny pokemon in this game and all and that they're locked andstuff like that. that is untrue! i suggest that you guys go over to absolblogspokemon, he has an awesome video on shininess of pokemon in pokemoncolosseum and xd and he explains

it really well there. but yeah, that should give you a general idea of how to soft reset for pokemon or shinypokemon in these games. i myself am going for a specific target here, hoping toget myself a shiny croconaw off this fella here. colosseum's a wee bitweird, you have two chances per soft reset of getting a shiny pokemon. only shadow pokemon can be shiny so therefore only the croconaw has a possibilityto be shiny in this battle. but the first chance of it being shiny is when the guyactually sends it out into battle.

the second chanceis when you, yourself capture it and check its stats and stuff in yourparty. so, i'll get into the battle here as quick as possible. now this is goingto be a very difficult hunt for me because it's going to be... it's going totake forever because you actually have to battle and catch the pokemon to seeif it's shiny or not. so... yeah, it's going to be... each soft reset is going to beroughly about five minutes or so and as you can see there's also a chance thatyou're not going to catch it either. but hopefully, whenever i do finally encounter the

shiny, i'll be able to catch it in agreat ball which means i'll have like one of theonly ever shiny starters caught in a ball other than a pokã© ball. becauseusually, whenever you see shiny starters they're always like hatched or softresetted at the start of a game in which case they are going to be in like aregular pokã© ball. but hopefully, i'll be able to catch the thing in a great ball and it'll be one of the only ever, pretty much. but i'm hoping to catch this, trainit up, evolve it, purify it, send it over to a ruby, sapphire or emerald and thenon up into heartgold/soulsilver if possible. which would be absolutelyfantastic.

it would be also very fantastic if i could like actually catch this thing. that would be amazing. see, sometimes you can get lucky and get it like prettyquickly in the first great ball other times it may take you about five or sixturns to catch it. it's all down to luck and rng at the end of the day. i'm not sure exactly how i'm going to show the actual hunt when i get. i'll probably speed up the footage or something like that. but this first intro battle here is just to give you guys an idea of how long the actual hunt is going totake so that you have a rough idea of how long it's going to take overallif you attempt to try it yourself. one, two, three... and finally caught it!awesome.

okay, so now if i just check my party and see if it's shiny there, i can tell you guys, it is not shiny, and therefore i am going to soft reset nowand continue hunting this thing. so, hopefully i'll join you back whenever ido eventually get it so see you then! buh-bye! no way, no way, no way! this been the most fucking fantasticweek of my entire life! that's a shiny quilava! what? what, man? what? what!

and i actually got to keep it for myself!oh my god! that's a shiny shadow pokã©mon. a live shiny shadow pokã©mon! oh my god! no. no. this has not just happened! happened it has happened oh my god righthold on i want to honor like starlight here and send that in the bow becausethis is this is ridiculous i can't believe this right now so as you can seethat right there is a shine equal lava and i have been solved for certain for ashiny and coliseum for so unbelievably long and if you didn't know if it was a50/50 chance a with either shame for the

galleon battle the trainer i'm opposingor myself if it obviously changed for the guy in battle it won't be shiny forme when i catch it but thankfully it actually was shiny for me oh i am sohappy right now i'm going to send it out into battle andshow you guys the awesomeness that is shiny khulafaand colosseum login that took my god oh my god this is so cool this is so cooland what i also want to show off is m according to rumor anywhere let me seequickly according to rumor shaniqua lava in xd and colosseum has aweird thing about it were it has a green flame on its back insteadof the regular like red colored flame so

i want to see if it actually builds itin its animation at all oh you can see it there for a second but i think i'mgonna have to unlock more moves with it and stuff to show that off on oh my goalit has finally happened somebody has finally gotten a live shiny in pokemoncolosseum and it's a shadow pokemon nonetheless that is so cool oh my godand i just don't know what to say hey guys i'm just gobsmacked and i'm gonnasee if the game here quickly just for obvious reasons to have it saved oh mygod what um i don't even oh yeah go back to the pokemon center to see if i'm i'mjust blown away by this it's so cool oh my god

alright alright alrightand see you hell yes progress house didn't see if that's it that is it it'sover my coliseum journey for a shiny pokemon in colosseum is finally overthis has been bordering on almost like two years of haunting and that is not agop tall the softer sets for this thing are abysmal they could take anywherebetween three minutes and ten minutes depending on how long that battlementbut and anyway i'm gonna leave this current bit here and i'll join you butguys back when i'm like rhenium and purify evolving and all that good stuffand i'll show you it's green flames and stuff hopefully at a later stage butanyway thanks for watching and i'll see

you shortlybye bye hey there everyone welcome back you joinme here outside the relic stone in i got a villager i get village forever tonightand i have i have given my lava a lot of experience and hopefully it should levelup after purification but the reason exited this little bithere this little segment is to just and dispel and this crew myth was goingaround the internet and quite a number of years ago and it was that andpurification and altered the pokemon and it stops and i'm just here to disprovethat the pokemon and doesn't change in any way whenever you purify them theonly thing purification does it is and

radically an experience level up and becreated over to the gameboy advance games so here i'm and purifying my shinykalama it is no not a shadow pokemon anymore as you can see it's still shinyand level up i think it's gonna level up to about like level 37 or something onthe swimming so i'm hoping that it gained enough experience to allow our toevolve sorry 36 yes more than enough 37 awesome okayso here we have the evolution screen completely evolved into chineseexclusion and there we have exchanging fuckingtyphlosion miletus circle and line we should get yes the chance to nickname itnow i was going to nickname this after

the colabaand tex lotion in trigger conroy's lp since he was pretty much the totalinspiration for buying this game in the first placeavoids going to name it after corona in that butt and i came up with a betterbetter nickname for it and i was i'm gonna name it i'm a copper simplybecause of the color and also the pose in chemistry anything with a copperelement and it burns with a green flame so and yeah that's pretty cool andpretty unique to this shiny so anyway i'll meet you guys back with and methrowing this shiny television ad in the bottle because it sparkles so until thensee you

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