pokemon emerald gba android

pokemon emerald gba android

ash: oh hey, it's a pokemon trainer. let's start off with squirtle. squirtle: now here we go again. who's it going to be this time, huh? a grass type? red:yep! go bulbasaur! squirtle: great, and let me guess, you're still going to make me battle a grass type. ash: go squirtle. squirtle: you don't think that's a little dense? squirtle: i mean, i'm a water type.. squirtle: grass pokemon are my weakness. ash: don't worry about that squirtle,

ash: with the power of friendship i believe we will defeat this pokemon trainer! squirtle: 'the power of friendship' squirtle: alright, i trust you.. red: bulbasaur, use sludge bomb! squirtle: [screaming] i trusted youuu! ash: huh, you think you're getting to me by easily defeating my squirtle? ash: well let me tell you something; you're not! bulbasaur: what is wrong with this kid? red: i have no idea..

ash:go pidgeot! red:bulbasaur, return! red: go lapras! ash: now this here is my strongest pokemon. there is no way- red: lapras, use blizzard! ash: pshht. did i say strongest pokemon? ash: i meant weakest... heh.. hah.. ash: i totally meant weakest.. ash: now this time it'll actually be my strongest pokemon.

ash: go charizard! charizard: eugh...how many times do i have to tell you? charizard: stop choosing me on your stupid pokemon battles! charizard: i was watching a marathon of america's next top model! ash: all right, all right. ash: buddy *inaudible* ash: just defeat this guy and i'll leave you to your show.. charizard: don't call me buddy. charizard: don't you get that i'm not your friend?

charizard: i don't even remotely like you. red: lapras, use water cup! charizard: [screaming] it burns! why does it burn so much? whyyyyyy! ash: stop doing that! red: what? red: one-shotting your pokemon? ash: you're hacking! ash: i won't battle you anymore ash: stop it right now!

red: i'm hacking? ash: stop it! ash: you have to let me kill one of your pokemon. red: are you serious? ash: yes. red: it's like i'm battling with a four year old right now. (careful red, before he takes out his glock.) red: alright, fine, i'll let you kill one of my pokemon. ash: great. go bulbasaur! ash: bulbasaur, use tackle!

bulbasaur: bulba! red: you have got to be kidding me.. ash: yes, now i know we can win! red: alright, my turn i gue- ash: you said you would let me kill one of your pokemon! red: did you not just see how much health you took from my lapras? ash: traitor red has skipped his turn! *red does a short groan* ash: bulbasaur, use tackle once more! red: lapras, use body slam!

ash: hey! ash: here you go again, cheating! (oh the irony.) red: dude, i'm not cheating! ash: cheater cheater pumpkin eater! ash: lucky for me i have a trump card to use against cheaters like you! ash: go pikachu! pikachu: *short pika noise* red: oh, that's cool, red: i have a pikachu too.

red's pikachu: *manly short pika noise* ash's pikachu: please don't make me battle this guy... ash: what are you talking about pikachu? ash: you're the best! ash's pikachu: he looks like he can use me ash's pikachu: as a dumbbell for fun! ash: i just know you and i can defeat him ash: with the power of friendship between a trainer and his pokemon! ash's pikachu: i hate you.

red: pikachu quick, use quick attack, quickly! red's pikachu: *manly short pikachu noise* ash: dodge it, pikachu! red: uhhh.. red: he's already fainted.. ash: aww mann! ash: well, you win some you lose some, right? red: this was the weirdest pokemon battle i've ever had...

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