pokemon fan games

pokemon fan games

b: hi, i’m bulbasaur. s: and i’m squirtle! b: and this is pokã©mon...squirtle? s: yeah? b: are you not going to interrupt me? s: no not today. wasn’t in the mood. b: well...okay then...today on pokã©mon talkwe have a very special-- s: oh no there’s a fire!

b: what?! where?! s: april fooooools! i interrupted you at a different time. *silence* s: do you get it? i normally interrupt you at the beginningbut i interrupted you here instead. *still silent* s: it’s funny.

b: this guest is a well-known member of theoriginal 151 pokã©mon and isn’t as odd as people might assume. everyone please give a warm welcome to...oddish! *applause* o: how’s it going everyone? b: welcome to the show oddish! so let’s start things off by having youtell us a bit about yourself. what do you like to do? o: well my favorite thing to do is draw cartoons!

i do that quite a lot. s: wait, hold the phone. o: okay. s: you like to draw? how do you draw? o: i use paint tool sai and a drawing tabletwith a smudge guard glove. b: oooh fancy. s: no no no that’s not what i meant. how are you physically capable of drawing?

o: well it just takes a lot of practice. if you want to be good, you just have to keepworking on-- s: you don’t have hands oddish! o: ooooooh. right. i guess my ability to draw so well makes mepretty weird. b: you’re not weird! just a little oddish. o: aw!

dude thats my name!! s: way to go for the low-hanging fruit bulbasaur. o: would you guys like to see one of my drawings? b: sure! o: alright, here it is. b: wow that’s really good oddish! s: that style looks very familiar...but regardless,i give it a 6. b: oh come on squirtle that was really good! s: you’re just biased because you two havea grass type bromance going on here.

b: how dare you! o: we are grass-poison type thank you verymuch! (wait, i’m really a poison type?) s: which makes no sense by the way! bulbasaur you’re the seed pokã©mon, andlast i checked, seeds aren’t poisonous! b: actually the seeds of rosary peas and castorbeans can be fatal if consumed. s: oh. well oddish there’s no way you should bepoison type! you’re the weed pokã©mon!

weeds aren’t poisonous. there’s nothing wrong with weed--well...iguess it depends on who you ask. o: admittedly gen 1 did go a bit crazy withthe poison types. but at least in this situation i’m not theodd one out. b: or the oddish one out! s: i was going to make fun of you again foran easy pun but now i have this unsettling feeling i’m not in on a joke that everyoneelse is. it’s just so familiar... o: i love inside jokes.

i’ve always wanted to be inside a joke. b: i feel like you already are! o: oh! this reminds me of that time when i workedat a sooubway. s: don’t you mean subway? b: people like references squirtle. let him continue. s: i have never met a single person who enjoyedmaking a works cited so i have no idea what you’re talking about.

o: there was this one lady who came in andordered a sandwich, but she wanted extra lettuce. b: that is so rude. s: why is that rude? b: how would you feel if you were a waiterand someone ordered turtle soup? s: that wouldn’t bother me at all. i’m obviously a squirrel. o: so yeah it was really upsetting. *long silence* s: is that it?

o: yeah that’s all i got. s: someone just ordered extra lettuce andnothing else happened? b: you’re being insensitive squirtle. i’m very sorry that happened to you oddish. i’d be traumatized as well. o: thanks dude. s: okay well regardless of all that, i havedefinitely heard a story like that somewhere before. so many things about you are ringing a bell…

*dinging bell sounds* o: ...sorry. s: that’s it! i’ve figured it out! you’re not who you say you are oddish! o: *nervously* what do you mean? s: it’s so clear to me now...the drawing,the pun, the subway story...it all points to...theodd1sout! o: *gets emotional* okay!

fine! ...you got me...i’m really-- s: a big fan of theodd1sout! o: what? i mean yes! yes i am! s: that’s great! i am too. funny guy. high quality videos.

o: oh yeah he makes great stuff. b: okay now i feel like i’m not in on something. s: oh no there’s another fire!! b: you’re not fooling me again squirtle. don’t fall for his tricks odd...ish? *fire crackling* o: i think i should go. b: well that’s weird. i didn’t know oddishes could spontaneouslycombust.

s: wait that was actually theodd1sout? and i set him on fire? well i’ll be darned what a day this hasbeen.

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