pokemon fire red exclusives

pokemon fire red exclusives

ok guys i hope you're ready because this video is literally about to break the goddamn internet. now look, we've talkedabout a few important things in the past on this channel,we've talked about competitive pokemon versuscasual pokemon, we've talked about is itokay to cheat in pokemon, hell, we've talked whether or not all 721 pokemon could defeat

1 billion lions. which they can but that's not whatthis video is about. today we're gonna discuss the most importantpokemon sun and moon topic that could ever be discussed in the history ofpokemon sun and moon's topics. that's right, the greatpokemon war itself, we're gonna be talking about

who is the greatestpokemon sun and moon starter of all time. of all time[dramatic zoom] now as this videohas been released, the game has notactually officially come out but y'know what, who cares? that's not gonna stop us from talking aboutwho the best pokemon is. that-- it's not gonna stop us.

now i couldn't make this video with just my own judgement, no-no-no, there's too much at stake here. so today i've broughton board with me a few legendary highly acclaimed respectable gentlemento help me with this issue. joining me in this debate we have shofu, we have rogersbase,

we have shadypenguin, we have thekingnappy, we have jwittz, we got the entire squad. and the way theformat is gonna go is that everyone is gonnahave roughly 60 seconds to give their argumentas to why they think their pokemon is thebest starter pokemon for pokemon sun and moon.

but enough of the introduction, you guys already knewwhat you were getting yourselves into by clicking this video, and if you didn't, now you know. let's go. hold on to your butts. so out first we havethe one and only, slimshady, shadypenguin himself. shady, take it away. [shadypenguin]: we are talkingabout the best starting pokemon

you can choosein pokemon sun and moon, which means we can onlybe talking about one pokemon that is rowlet, the grass quill pokemon. this adorable little owl as adorable as it may seem as precious as itsround little body is, [deep breath] do not be fooled!he will steal you girlfriend, he is a classy guy with that bow tie

she will not be able to resist. and if you wanna-- if you wanna just move off of rowlet, if you need more reasonsbesides the bow tie, look at decidueye! his final form! this. guy. plays. no. games. turn his bow tie into a real bow,

gonna spirit shackle you, so you can't run awaywhen he tries to steal your soul, it's over. this is the best starter pokemon that has ever been made period. he's got wings, he can fly but he's not a flying type! i don't need those weaknesses, i'm a ghost type!

i'm a ghost type-- you're gonna try topunch me as i steal your girl? ya can't i'm immune, best starter hands down. [omni]: ok shady, i see you i see your point, alright, ok. that's 1 point for team rowlet. you get that. up next, you guys know him well,

top 10 and mr. pokemon himself, jwittz. jwittz, let's hearwhat you got to say. [jwittz]: everybody's given upon litten left and right, and i'm happy with the whole line. if i wanted an owlwith a green bow tie i'd play animal crossing. if i wanted a sadclown that watched pagliacci - it's an italian opera about a sad clown -

[explosion] educate yourself litten is lit. end of discussion. name literally fits right in the mind. torracat? solid middle stage. nothing fancy, bigger litten. [explosion] still lit. [explosion] extra lit. its legs bend iron bars and knock out fully-grown men.

that's straight from the website. but then [explosion] guess whatsun and moon was cooking?? it's incineroar! the most badass fire-fightingstarter we've ever seen. wait. what's that? not fire-fighting? that's right, it's fire-dark

actually the 'heel' pokemon. take all your favorite heels: cm punk. triple h. ric flair. light them all on fireand this is the end result. incineroar is so crazy he won't just attack pokemon, it attacks opposing trainers too! once again, look it up,

it's in the website. oh yeah, and litten spits fire. you know who else spits fire? heatmor. you know whospits fire like heatmor? looks like we're out of time... but you can figure that out. [omni]: goddamn, ok wait, jwittz,

i need you to calm down. i know you're representingthe fire pokemon but i need you to chill, ok? that's 1 point for litten. moving on to our third member, this man needs no introduction, and you already know who he is, shofu, tell them how you feel. [shofu]: what starter am i picking?

i'm picking litten, of course. it's the fire starter and i always pick the fire starter becausethe fire starter is always fire.but like rowlet is definitely the coolest one. looking at the final evolutions, incineroar, the name is sub-par, decidueye, the name is creative grass and ghost as a starter oh my-

y'know now- forget- this isn't about decidueye,this is about incineroar, the starter that i'm picking. even though decidueye is way cooler, i'm still picking incineroar, ok? i'm picking incineroar,that is my starter, it doesn't matter howmuch cooler decidueye is, doesn't matter how unique he is, doesn't matter that his signature move

is super sick and it doesn't matter that he comes in brushinghis shoulders of like jay-z, ok? [crying] i'm still picking incineroar i am loyal to the fire starters, man! [explosion] dammit! [omni]: loyal to the end. this man is going throughan identity crisis, someone please sendthis man some help. y'know what, for that imma give

both rowlet and litten .5 points to kind of represent his split internal struggle on the subject. ok, 3 down, 3 to go, up next we havethe king of pokemon himself, thekingnappy. nappy, what's up? [thekingnappy] ok, so we're talking about the best alolan starter,

the best sun and moonstarter pokemon? i mean... like, rowlet is alright, he's okay, the whole evolution line is alright, you know, grass-ghostkinda caught us off guard a little bit, litten isn't too bad, y'know i still have love in my heart for it 'cause it's a wrestler,

it's the heel pokemonat the end of the day and everyone loves being the bad guy but wait a minute wait a minute you act like popplio isn't right there you act like he's notsitting right there and water-fairy? water-fairy? lie to my face.lie to my face

and tell me you don'tthink it's gonna be the best evolution of them all. lie to my face-- no, don't lie to my face, lie to yourself and tell yourself it's notgonna be the best evolution so far. so i don't wanna hear it, i don't care. i don't wanna hear it, poppliois the best evolution line period hands down, move on.

[omni]: alright, you heard my man,don't lie to him, finally, i'm actually happy we finally got popplio on the scoreboard good look, nappy. at this point, i'm pretty sureit's anyone's game. up next, we have theone piece giant himself, the king of all anime, your boy, rogersbase,what's up baby? [rogersbase]: omni, i don't even knowwhy you're making

this video right now, i feel like you're doing this for clicks. everybody unanimously agrees that rowlet is the best starterin pokemon sun and moon. and it's been that way since day 1, the pokemon companyput out an official poll asking people which starterare you gonna start with in pokemon sun and moon, guess who won? not the tiger mess looking dude.

not the little mermaid wannabe. since day 1, it has been rowlet. if i wanna hangout with mermaid fairies,guess what i'm gonna do i'm gonna call upone of my numerous hot cosplay girlfriends andi'm going to disneyland with them. i'm not gonna be playingwith this weak ass little azumarill looking thing and don't even get me started

on incineroar, first of all, the name incineroar is cheap, it's garbage, it's terrible, we already have pyroar, we don't need incineroar. on top of that, that thingis having an identity crisis worse than caitlyn jenner because this thing thinksit's a fire-fighting type, but in actuality it's a fire-dark type

cause it went to verlisfy schoolof playing pokemon, get that garbage outta here, i don't want incineroar,i don't want the little mermaid, i want rowlet and i'll always want rowlet, now on top of that,rowlet is a bird of prey, do you know what that means? that means heeats the little animals, that means he eats popplio,that means he eats litten, get them outta here,team rowlet for life.

[omni]: whoa whoa, you knowi'm not doing this for the clicks, i'm doing this for the hype,and the hype is real and you know what, i respect your rowlet opinion,good stuff. but if my calculations are correct, that puts rowlet in the lead at 2.5, popplio is sitting at 1 and i believe litten is sitting at 1.5. so let's wrap this up. we have the oneand only clickbait god,

the meme king himself, they call him the black luke skywalker, here to bring balance to the poke-force, the man, the mystery, me. [other omni]: wait, did this dudejust introduce himself? yes i did so who am i picking? who is the best pokemon sun and moonstarter of all time?

psh, das easy. if you had to choose between a bowling ball, a pixar-asslooking clown sea lion, or a cute, adorable cat, that can literally spit fire, it's litten everytime, baby! you're not messingwith this man's instincts, or his speed or his prowess. and even as they all evolve,

it's still a done game. everyone wanna hype decidueye 'cause he's a grass-ghost type and i'm not gonna lie,that's a sick ass type, but that's not even a real evolution,losing flight isn't how evolution works. like, how are you an actual owl with wings but you're not even a flying type anymore? that's a disgrace! that's worse than charizardnot being a dragon-type pokemon

when this dude looksexactly like a damn dragon. but let me calm down,what y'all aren't asking is how decidueye becamea ghost type in the first place. why incineroar became a dark type pokemon. yup. that's right, think about it. open your eyes. now you see the truth: incineroar put this mandecidueye in a casket and said "night night,i'm the best, i am the undertaker"

"get in the grave". the pokemon sun and moon starter war was over before it even began. and believe me, that is true. that is canon. and i guess popplio issomewhere in this debate as well but mmmm no one cares, #teamlitten, #alolanpersianwasamistake. and with that it is finally done,

let's look at the final tally, shall we? in third place, we have nappyholding it down with popplio with 1 point. and tied for first, we haveboth rogersbase and shadypenguin with 2 points we have myself and jwittzwith litten with 2 points and we have shofu with thesplit decision between litten and rowlet. with .5 points,

bringing a tied total for 2.5for both litten and rowlet. ooh, that's wherewe stand, those opinions were hot and heavy,that was an intense debate, oh my god, i can't even imagine if this was an actual live podcast of all of us just- just- taking shots at each other, that would be ridiculous. but that is the end of this feud,

as of now. now you guys know how this works, the decision is not final, i'm using baton pass andi'm putting the rest in your hands. what i'm gonna do in the comment section is post 3 comments: putting team litten as one, team rowlet as second and team popplio as third.

there are gonna be 3 comments. go in there and dropa like for the pokemon that you consider to be the bestpokemon sun and moon starter and if you're brave enough,leave your own comment telling us which pokemonyou chose and why. and as we wrap up, i wanna give a superspecial thanks to my dudes: shofu, rogers, shady, nappy, jwittz, guys, thank you so much

for joining me in this collab, it has been awesome, i think we've given everyone a ride for their lives. you can find all of theirinformation in the description below. also i wanna give areally quick shoutout to my editor activace, he's been helping me with a lot of the videos wheni don't have that much time, he's running his own youtube channelwhere he does dragonball z xenoverse 2 mods andonline ranked gameplay.

so if you're into that, his youtube channelis also on the description below. and last but not least, i wanna give a very very special thanks to you guys, the pokemon community andeveryone else watching this video, i don't know if you guys know, but ever since i startedmaking more pokemon content, you guys have just been exploding me with comments and likes and just good energy, man.i love it, i love you guys, so

as you guys know, i'm not hereto divide or split the community with drama or anything like that, but this is the pokemon war, this is the great pokemon war. so yes, i am trying to getsome hype comments in here, i want some arguing,i want some debates, i want some reasoning, i don't care how stupid it is, i don't care thatthe game hasn't come out,

i just want full-out chaos and mayhem. anyway this is omni signing out, do me a huge favor,if you enjoyed the video, please leave it a likeand if you haven't already, subscribe, i love you guys,have an awesome day. subtitles by lucas maciel@_lucasmalb

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